Pentagon Admits More 9/11 Remains Dumped in Landfill

March 1, 2012

by James Corbett   source: Corbett Report    Mar 1, 2012

A new report released on Monday by the Pentagon reveals that some of the unidentifiable remains from victims at the Pentagon and Shanksville sites on September 11th were disposed of in a landfill.

The details come from the findings of a review committee examining operations of the Air Force Mortuaty division at Dover Air Force Base. In the report, it is noted that before 2008, disposal of unidentified remains was delegated of by subcontractors. The guidelines at the time called for the contractors to incinerate the remains and dump the ashes in landfills.

In a press conference earlier this week, Pentagon spokesman John Abizaid confirmed that this section of the report applied to the remains of some of the victims of 9/11.

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Frivolous: April Gallop Lawyers to Pay Fines and Adhere to “Sanctions”

February 3, 2012

Back in April of 2011, April Gallop’s court case against Dick Cheney and others, for playing parts to a conspiracy on 9/11, was determined to be frivilous. 

However, it was long before then that people within our own movement knew this court case was doomed. Why? Read here and scroll down.

*A blogger named “Vullich” said this quite clearly in May, 2011:

Indeed, the kitchen sink approach seems “set-up to fail“.  It lumps together the strongest evidence with the baseless nonsense as though it is all the same.  And as we all know, if someone had a large lawsuit about a complex topic, and inserted within it were the equivalent of (to most Americans) “and aliens landed in the middle of the event and then flew away and no one noticed,” any judge would go out of his way to dump it just to keep from discrediting himself with ever even considering it.

Pentagon flyovers, plane swapping, etc are on the level of nutso for most Americans, and when even the movement itself rejects those claims, a judge would look like a total idiot to buy into them.

Set-up to fail.

This has nothing to do with heroic acts, wishes or intentions.

One of many important statements made by “jimd3100” on the same thread was this, “Gallop offers not a single fact to corroborate her allegation of a ‘meeting of the minds’ among the conspirators.

Brian @ Nor Cal Truth    *late edit

source: Reuters      Feb 3, 2012

A federal appeals court on Thursday sanctioned lawyers behind a lawsuit accusing former officials in the Bush administration of orchestrating theSept. 11 attacks.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ordered two California lawyers to pay $15,000 in addition to double what the government spent defending the case. For the next year, the lead lawyer behind the litigation must inform other federal courts in the circuit of the sanctions against him.

Three attorneys — Dennis Cunningham, William Veale and Mustapha Ndanusa — filed the lawsuit in 2008 on behalf of April Gallop, a member of the U.S. Army injured in the Pentagon attack on Sept. 11, 2001. The lawyers accused then-Vice President Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld of causing the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in order to create a political atmosphere that would allow the U.S. government to pursue domestic and international policy objectives. The suit alleged conspiracy to cause death and bodily harm and a violation of the Antiterrorism Act.

U.S. District Judge Denny Chin dismissed the case in 2010, ruling that the complaint was frivolous and a product of “cynical delusion and fantasy.” A three-judge panel of the 2nd Circuit upheld that decision, imposing $15,000 in sanctions on the three lawyers for filing the suit.

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The Pentagon Attack: Problems with Theories Alternative to Large Plane Impact

January 9, 2012

by John D. Wyndham   source: 9/11 Blogger   Jan 9, 2012

In ongoing research into the Pentagon attack the following peer-reviewed paper has now been published at the Journal of 9/11 Studies:

“The Pentagon Attack: Problems with Theories Alternative to Large Plane Impact” by John D. Wyndham.

As stated in the abstract, this paper shows that, of all the theories about what caused the damage and debris at the Pentagon on 9/11, a large plane impacting the Pentagon is in best accord with the majority eye witness testimony and main physical evidence, and is by far the most plausible theory. The failure of the 9/11 truth movement to reach consensus on this issue after almost a decade is largely due to a failure to rigorously apply the scientific method to each proposed theory.

This work is supported by recent papers by Frank Legge and David Chandler:…

In these papers, Legge and Chandler show the path required for the flyover theory is impossible as the wing loading is excessive and the bank angle would be far steeper than anything reported by the many observers.

The 9/11 Stand Down

November 17, 2011

author: Jimd3100   source: 9/11 Blogger    Nov 17, 2011

“Do the orders still stand?” — Military aide to Vice President Navy Capt. Douglas Cochrane

Was there a stand down on 9-11? In a sense yes, but there is no evidence that a stand down order was issued. There would be no reason for VP Cheney to issue a stand down order, since he issuing a shoot down order, would have the same effect. I will proceed to show this as a fact along with the disturbing fact that the President of the United States, and the Secretary of Defense, both deserted their posts in a time of war. These two individuals who are the only ones authorized to issue shoot down orders of civilian aircraft, created the stand down, by deserting their posts, and then further disgraced themselves, and their offices, by lying to the American people.

“On September the 11th, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our country.” – Pres G Bush

First – the players involved:

Condoleezza Rice — National Security Adviser Dick Cheney  — Vice President of the United States Donald Rumsfeld  – Secretary of Defense George W Bush – President of the United States

Army Major Tony Crawford (Army)– military aide to Condoleeza Rice (known as Executive assistant) “Army Lieutenant Colonel Tony Crawford, an intelligence specialist and executive assistant to Rice”   page 301…

Capt. Douglas Cochrane(Navy) – Military aide to Dick Cheney “Cochrane was selected to serve as the Naval Aide to the Vice President in Nov. of 2000 and served Vice President Richard B. Cheney until Dec. 2002.” “He was commended by President George W. Bush for actions as Naval Aide and Vice Presidential Emergency Action Officer, on and about Sept. 11, 2001.”…

Vice Admiral Edmund Giambastiani (Navy)– Military Aide to Donald Rumsfeld “Special Assistant to the Deputy Director for Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency – He also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Mitre Corporation.”

Lt. Col. Thomas F. Gould  (USAF)- Military aide to George W Bush “March 2000 – March 2002, U.S. Air Force military aide to the President, The White House, Washington, D.C.” “I was there to ensure that the commander in chief had direct access to his military commanders, specifically in the realm of if we were under a nuclear attack I would present the president with his options,” Gould said.…

Before President Bush stepped into the classroom he was already told a commercial airliner had flown into the WTC. He was told this by Rice. This is confirmed in his own book, by Rice, and the 9-11 commission released notes.

“Then Condi called. I spoke to her from a secure phone in a classroom that had been converted into a communications center for the traveling White House staff. She told me the plane that had just struck the Trade Center tower was not a light aircraft. It was a commercial jetliner.” “I was stunned. That plane must have had the worst pilot in the world.”    Page 126…

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Mondays on 95.1 FM The Bridge: Ongoing 9/11 Discussions

September 27, 2011

Nor Cal Truth    Sep 27, 2011

Milo is the host of Touch, a daily program from 5:00-6:00 PM Pacific on The Bridge, 95.1 FM in Guerneville. Milo has invited me (Brian Romanoff) to be a regular guest on his show to try to bring more light into the events of 9/11. I appreciate the opportunity and I hope you enjoy the show.

This week we discuss the Pentagon.

Available as a live-stream every Monday 5:00-6:00 PM Pacific at the website provided below:

The Bridge is supported by a volunteer staff.

911 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77

September 24, 2011

Nor Cal Truth   Sep 24, 2011

What is important to remember is that nothing should have hit the Pentagon (or the WTC) on 9/11.

Unfortunately this simple and exposing fact has been carefully manipulated into a debate of no-plane hitting the Pentagon. I fell for it for years.

Where are 100 witnesses to a “missile” or a “fly over” or “drone?”

Below is an excerpt from the ever-resourceful 9/11 Research:

Trends in Witness Data

Anyone who reads the collections of Pentagon witness accounts such as Eric Bart’s is likely to be impressed by the broad agreement among witnesses on aspects of the event — the low-angle approach of a large jetliner followed by a huge explosion and billowing smoke. Some proponents of theories excluding a jetliner have amplified inconsistencies and bizarre details in the accounts, while ignoring their agreement.

about 89 The amount of eye witnesses I gathered who stated they saw an
object crash into the Pentagon. The vast majority of the still available
at least 45 The amount of eye witnesses who reported seeing a plane and described it
with words like: ‘airliner’, ‘big’, ‘silver’, ‘roaring’, etc.
at least 23 The amount of eye witnesses who specifically said they saw an American
Airlines jet. In all cases a large jet.
at least 22 The amount of witnesses who reported the noise of the plane was very loud to
at least 17 The amount of eye witnesses who stated they saw a plane running down light
poles when crossing the highways.
at least 12 The amount of eye witnesses who stated they saw and heard the plane increase
its throttle at the last seconds.
at least 11 The amount of eye witnesses who stated they saw a C-130H flying 30 seconds
behind a jetliner.
at least 5 The amount of eye witnesses who specifically stated they saw the plane had
its gear up.
at least 2 The amount of eye witnesses who stated that they saw a small corporate jet,
without doing any creative interpretating [sic] of the witness
at least 0 The amount of eye witnesses who stated they saw a missile. What the person
thought he heard isn’t relevant!
at least 0 The amount of eye witnesses who stated they saw a military jet fighter at
the time of the crash.
at least 0 The amount of eye witnesses who stated they saw a Global Hawk at the time of
the crash.
at least 3 The amount of witnesses who reported the sound of the plane was quite
noiseless. (One of them acknowledged it was the shock)
at least 1 The amount of eye witnesses who stated they saw the plane had it’s gear
down. (Indirect, said a wheel hit a pole)
at least 25 The amount of witnesses who have said something that might point to the use
of explosives or incendiaries. (White flash, powerful blast waves which blew
people through the air, molten glass, burning aluminium, [sic] spreading debris
over hundreds of yards back to where the plane came from, including 2 engines,
the missing plane itself, etc.)

It will never be a better time than now to discuss 9/11 with accuracy and facts based on the best evidence.

FBI Releases Pentagon 9/11 Investigation Photos

September 21, 2011

source: 9/11 Blogger   Sep 21, 2011

Videos Released:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Direct link to images release:…

9/11 attacks main page: