Media Screams for David Cameron 9/11 Memorial Visit, Ignores Important 9/11 Saudi Court Case Decision

March 19, 2012

video credit: Gold9472

Nor Cal Truth    March 19, 2012

As I noted a couple of days ago, MSNBC ran, for three days in a row, articles relating to the 9/11 – Saudi connections. As was pointed out by Russ Baker at,  the NY Times also carried the story of 9/11 – Saudi connections.

Perhaps the NY Times and MSNBC had been reading Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs Post on Feb 25th, where Bill Bergman correctly pointed out that the US media was sleepwalking in regards to amazing new revelations that were being made in regards to 9/11 and Saudi connections.  

Though there was a peep, there was not a large roar.

Now, news that Judge George Daniels has (for the second time) refused to reinstate claims against Saudi Arabia in a court case that is seeking damages from foreign governments for 9/11 is being treated the same way.

All might be fine and dandy had the media given us a mere peep of the other 9/11 related news of that week: British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to the 9/11 memorial.

A graphic of a web search result made by long-time 9/11 activist and new author Jon Gold points out the sad disparity in news coverage of the 2 events:

(click on image for full size)

There are about 4,860 news articles relating to David Cameron and his visit to the 9/11 memorial on March 14th.

Compare that to the 5 (five) news articles to the Judge’s decision to keep Saudi Arabia out of the court room for 9/11 related events.

Shame on the media.

The Winners of 9/11

February 29, 2012

Graham Rayman wrote this article in August of 2011. He covers damn near everything including lawyers’, non-profits’, the WTC memorial and even the truth movement (the parts that make money at least) profits from 9/11. About the only thing he does not cover is the defense industry and Wall St.

by Graham Rayman   source: Village Voice    Feb 29, 2012

For the past ten years, a former volunteer firefighter named Vincent Forras has turned 9/11 into a high-profile career that has taken him on overseas trips, gotten him photographed with mayors, governors, princes, and pro athletes, had him interviewed by national television personalities, has yielded a range of financial benefits, and an endorsement from none other than Don Imus for U.S. Senate.

Forras, now 54, of Ridgefield, Conn., certainly tells a compelling story. In an account he has told to dozens of reporters over the years, he claims that as a South Salem N.Y. volunteer firefighter, he rushed to Ground Zero on Sept. 11, 2001 and toiled there for weeks, leaving only once to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. He claims he got trapped under the rubble for two hours and only a vision from God illuminated his escape, after he promised to devote his life to charity.

He goes on to say that he got sick from the air at the site almost immediately, and became desperately ill to the point where he could barely make it up the steps of his own house. He has many times been sought out by the media as a kind of spokesman for ailing responders.

The problem is that while Forras’s general account remains somewhat consistent, the details seem to change from interview to interview, and among former associates, there’s no small amount of skepticism about his claims.

“He was a phony,” says Donald Hayde, a distinguished FDNY battalion chief with the elite Rescue battalion, “one of those guys who manipulate half-truths to put himself in a good light.” In addition, several of his former colleagues at the South Salem fire house tell the Voice that they simply don’t believe his story of being trapped.

Forras, however, is just one of a range of people, companies, charities, and agencies who have found ways to benefit from one of the nation’s worst disasters.

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Muslim Hero Obscured in 9/11 Memorial

January 2, 2012

source: OnIslam    Jan 2, 2012

The family of a Muslim man who died while trying to save lives during the 9/11 attacks was shocked after receiving a notification that the name of their son would not be found among first responders at the National Memorial in Lower Manhattan, appearing next to a blank space with those with “loose connections” to the World Trade Center.

“They do not want anyone with a Muslim name to be acknowledged at ground zero with such high honors,” his mother, Talat Hamdani, 60, told the New York Times on Monday, January 2, at her home in Lake Grove on Long Island.

“They don’t want someone with the name Mohammad to be up there,” the mother added with her voice filled with pain.

The story of Mohammed Salman Hamdani started when the 23-year-old police cadet died trying to save lives in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

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Interactive 9/11 Memorial is Junk: Uses WTC# 5 Photograph as WTC# 7 and Claims Raging Fire

February 24, 2011

Brian Romanoff    Nor Cal Truth  Feb 24, 2011

In preparation for the 10th year anniversary of the 9/11 murders, the 9/11 Memorial has put up an online interactive 9/11 timeline. It hasn’t been up more than 24 hours.

I have not had much time to review it, but sure enough I noticed a major fault right away!

The timeline mentions the WTC# 7 “collapse” at 5:20pm and if you click on the images available for that time, you will see 3 pictures – one of them being the one shown below.

The 9/11 Memorial Interactive Timeline that was just put online says that this is a raging fire in WTC 7, however it looks a lot like WTC #5


Lets look at an undisputed picture and video of WTC# 5:

WTC# 5 After the Fires


Notice the vertical beams and arched windows in the pictures and video of WTC# 5? 

Those types of beams and arches are NOT present in WTC# 7 by any means:

The 9/11 Memorial Timeline obviously is a joke for anyone interested in truth. There were no massive fires at WTC#7 and the fires that were alive were not enough to bring any building down in the manner that WTC#7 came down; it was a controlled demolition!

Worse than a joke, this memorial is peddling lies as history.

For a complete timeline that spans more than just the day of 9/11, please visit the Complete 9/11 Timeline.

New 9/11 Memorial for Fallen First Responders

October 8, 2010

Only 24 names will be displayed for now, but that doesn’t change the fact that over 900 first responders have passed due to their 9/11 related diseases.

source: Wall St. Journal   Oct 8, 2010

Firefighters and emergency-medical technicians who died of illnesses related to their service at the World Trade Center will be memorialized with a special plaque to be installed by the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Fire Department Commissioner Salvatore Cassano announced Wednesday.

The plaque will stand parallel to the Memorial Wall of Honor at FDNY headquarters in Brooklyn, which enshrines the names of those who died while in the line of duty. According to the firefighters union, the move marks a change in the FDNY’s stance on memorializing those who died of illness relating to 9/11. Union officials said they have been lobbying for years for a place on the Wall of Honor.

Mr. Cassano made the announcement during an annual memorial service that honors the members of the FDNY who died in the past year. This year, 14 members were memorialized, all of whom died as active members of the department but not while on duty. Mr. Cassano said three of them were victims of illnesses traced to their service at Ground Zero.

“In the years since Sept. 11th, we’ve realized that our jobs have become dangerous in ways that none of us could have ever imagined,” he said.

Those who gathered for the ceremony at the Firemen’s Memorial Monument on the Upper West Side, which included the families of the fallen, offered tepid applause. Initially, 24 names will be engraved into the memorial plaque which will include firefighters and emergency medical technicians, officials said.

Manny Badillo at the 9/11/2010 Memorial Ceremony

September 17, 2010

source: 9/11 Blogger   Sep 17, 2010

Manny Badillo Sends Message of Truth to Millions at the 9/11 Anniversary Memorial Ceremony:

Not a Peep: Wired Magazine Covers Lights Memorial Without Mentioning 3rd Beam

September 15, 2010

by Brian Romanoff    Nor Cal Truth   Sep 15, 2010

In an incredible show of censorship, I mean blatant, stone cold hush-hush censorship, Wired Magazine covered the lights memorial on 9/11 without saying anything about the 3rd light beam.. So far, not one media outlet has reported on the incredible addition of  a 3rd beam of light to the memorial on 9/11/10. Can it not be more clear there is a media narcosis on the matter?

Wired magazine covers the lights memorial of 2010 and the amount of birds flying in the 2, emphasis on 2, light beams:

On the evening of the ninth anniversary of 9/11, the twin columns of light projected as a memorial over the World Trade Center site became a source of mystery.

More likely than anything the mystery to New Yorker’s was the 3rd beam in the air on the evening of 9/11/10. Wired continues:

Illuminated in the beams were thousands of small white objects, sparkling and spiraling, unlike anything seen on other nights. Some viewers wondered if they were scraps of paper or plastic caught in updrafts from the spotlights’ heat. From beneath, it was at times like gazing into a snowstorm. It was hard not to think of souls.

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