Huffington Post Covers ‘The Big Lie’

June 23, 2011

Nor Cal Truth    6/23/11

‘The Big Lie’ made some big headlines on Monday morning. The Huffington post surprised everyone involved in ‘the Big Lie’ project with a VIDEO report in their politics section.

The Huffington Post has been reaching unique-visitor numbers upwards of 35 million a month lately, surpassing the New York Times. If even of a fraction of those numbers were exposed to this message from 9/11 family members for the first time, than Truth Be Told has already achieved one goal: conversation and education.

I would say the report was balanced, though imperfect in details. Thanks to Huffington Post and reporter Ana Compain-Romero! Allow me to fill in some of those erred-details:

Overall, the teamwork involved in this project has been a great source of enjoyment for myself.

The screen-shots below are from the Huffington Post article. I almost forgot to mention that this very blog is featured in that Huffington Post report…

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