Bob Graham: Re-Open the 9/11 Investigation Now

September 15, 2012

by Bob Graham and Sharon Premoli      source: Huffington Post    Sep 15, 2012

The passage of time since September 11, 2001, has not diminished the distrust many of us feel surrounding the official story of how 9/11 happened and, more specifically, who financed and supported it. After eleven years, the time has come for the families of the victims, the survivors and all Americans to get the whole story behind 9/11.

Yet the story of who may have facilitated the 19 hijackers and the infrastructure that supported the attacks — a crucial element of the narrative — has not been told. The pieces we do have underscore how much more remains unknown.

Did the hijackers execute the plot alone, or did they have the support of forces other than the known leaders of al-Qaeda — a network even — that provided funds, assistance, and cover?

It is not merely a question of the need to complete the historical record. It is a matter of national security today.

If a support network was available to the terrorists before 9/11, why should we think it has now disbanded or been rolled up? It may still be in place, capable of supporting al-Qaeda or other extremist groups that hate America — of which there are many.

This is also about justice. Thousands of Americans, who suffered unimaginable loss, have been denied their day in court in part because evidence of support was either never gathered by law enforcement or remains locked away, sealed as “Classified.”

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MSNBC Carries Florida-Saudi-9/11 Journalism!!!

March 15, 2012

Nor Cal Truth    Mar 15, 2012

MSNBC has carried a couple of articles in the past few days relating to the important Florida-Saudi-9/11 connections. Mishandling investigations, cover-ups, Suadi support of 9/11, Senators wanting more answers, US complicity….this is big news!

Please visit all original sources for the full length articles, and to show MSNBC that you care that they covered these important and unresolved issues.

March 12: Saudi who Left Fla. Before 9/11 Considered bin Laden a ‘Hero’

A Saudi man who triggered an FBI investigation after he and his family left their Sarasota, Fla., area home and moved overseas two weeks before 9/11 considered Osama bin Laden a “hero” and may have known some of the hijackers, an informant told the FBI in 2004.

The informant also told authorities that the Saudi, Abdulazziz al-Hijji, once introduced him to Adnan El Shukrijumah — another former Florida resident and suspected top al-Qaida operative who today has a $5 million bounty on his head.

Al-Hijji’s name made headlines in September 2011 when The Miami Herald reported on a counterterrorism source’s disclosure of a previously unknown FBI-led probe that followed the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington — one that pointed to a possible Saudi support operation for the hijackers in Florida.

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Bob Graham: FBI Statements Conflict with Records of 9/11 Probe

February 22, 2012

“If we are truly going to be respectful of the victims of 9/11 one of the things the president and this administration must do is get to the bottom of these questions,” said Graham, who co-chaired Congress’s bi-partisan Joint Inquiry into the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. – Broward Bulldog

by Dan Christensen and Anthony Summers         source: Broward Bulldog     Feb 22, 2012

Former Florida Senator Bob Graham has seen two classified FBI documents that he says raise new questions about the Bureau’s once secret investigation of a possible Saudi support operation for the 9/11 hijackers in Sarasota.

Graham would not disclose the content of the documents, which are marked “Secret,” but said the information they contain is at odds with the FBI’s public statements that there was no connection between the hijackers and Saudis then living in Sarasota.

“There are significant inconsistencies between the public statements of the FBI in September and what I read in the classified documents,” Graham said.

“One document adds to the evidence that the investigation was not the robust inquiry claimed by the FBI,” Graham said. “An important investigative lead was not pursued and unsubstantiated statements were accepted as truth.”

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3 Senators Fell For Fake Bin Laden Photo … “The Photo that I Saw and that a Lot of Other People Saw is Not Authentic”

May 5, 2011

source: Washingtons Blog    May 5, 2011

Preface: This post does not speculate on whether or not Bin Laden was actually killed last week or died previously, or on what images the government may possess, but only on what actually happened and what photographs have been released to date.

The White House said that Bin Laden had a weapon and tried to hide behind his wife like a coward. Now, the White House has admitted both claims were false.

Many of the largest news outlets ran a supposed death photo … but it was quickly proven fake (and see this).

The government now claims that it has a photo showing a dead Bin Laden … but won’t release it.

The photo was supposedly taken in a hangar in Afghanistan. As CNN notes:

Photos of OBLs body at a hangar after he was brought back to Afghanistan. This is the most recognizable with a clear picture of his face. The picture is gruesome because he has a massive open head wound across both eyes. It’s very bloody and gory.

The official says the challenge is that the picture that includes the most recognizable image of OBLs face – from the hangar in Afghanistan – is so gruesome and mangled its not appropriate for say the front page of the newspaper.

The fact that the photo wasn’t taken right after the raid in Pakistan – but in a different country – makes it harder to confirm when the photo was taken.

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Is A Permanent “Patriot” Act Coming?

February 6, 2011

Nor Cal Truth    Feb 6, 2011

The AP notes:

Top Senate Republicans called Friday for the three powers to be made permanent — a step rejected in the original law in favor of “sunsets” to ensure regular reviews by Congress to ferret out possible abuse.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said doing so would give US intelligence and law enforcement officials “the highest degree of operational certainty that’s practicable.”

Interestingly enough, Mitch McConnell is making $$ yearly from groups like FOX news, Raytheon, and the Heritage Foundation. All three are incredibly suspect when comparing motive of function to necessity of function. 

Mitch McConnell’s net worth has skyrocketed from under $8 million ending 2007 to $20 million starting 2011. His State’s economic outlook is not as good as his, which brings up the obvious question of who Mr. McConnell is working for. Furthermore, as a member of the “U.S.” Chamber of Commerce, he was involved with trying to keep the 9/11 first responders from receiving more adequate healthcare.

Here are some perspectives from others against this draconian law:

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Rockefeller Pledges to Work with Tech Leaders to Avert “Cyber 9/11, Cyber Katrina”

April 29, 2010

I wonder how long after Rockefellers bill would be passed that this, and many other similar websites would last? My guess is not long enough.

related: Rockefeller: Internet is “Number One National Hazard”

source: The Hill  April 29, 2010

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) is imploring the tech community to work with congressional lawmakers to address cybersecurity reform before the nation experiences “a cyber-Katrina, or a cyber-9/11.”

During a speech Thursday at the Business Software Alliance’s 2010 Cybersecurity Forum, the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee predicted anything less that full cooperation would threaten national security and increase the likelihood that an attack would trigger a public response in support of “tough, unbending solutions” that do not favor private industry.

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Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?

March 11, 2010

Washingtons Blog generally authors 1-2 articles per day. I am always amazed by the diversity in the article’s authored on the site. I think that Washingtons Blog does a good job of writing with balance and integrity. In other words, for those who do not yet see the full picture, the writings at Washingtons Blog offer a digestable format for opening the doors of truth….

source: Washingtons Blog    March 11, 2010

Congress voted down a resolution to pull out of Afghanistan today.

“Conventional wisdom” among many Americans – and congress members – is that we need to be in Afghanistan to protect our national security.

Is it true?

A Little History

Before we discuss whether it is necessary for the U.S. to stay in Afghanistan, a little history might be instructive.

As I pointed out in December:

The Taliban offered [in October 2001] to hand over Osama bin Laden to a neutral country if the US halted bombing … [the U.S. refused.]

The government apparently planned the Afghanistan war before 9/11 (see this and this).
And the government apparently could have killed Bin Laden in 2001 and AGAIN in 2007, but failed to do so.

In fact, starting right after 9/11 — at the latest — the goal has always been to create “regime change” and instability in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon and other countries. As American historian, investigative journalist and policy analyst Gareth Porter writes in the Asia Times:

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