Breaking: March 19, 2011 Obama Attacks Libya Exactly 8 Years to the Day After Bush Invaded Iraq

March 19, 2011

Nor Cal Truth    Mar 19, 2011

This is via CNN:

I can hardly contain my frustration right now reading the breaking headline:

The U.S. military has launched a missile attack against Libya’s air defenses.

A senior U.S. military official says the strike was aimed at sites along the Libyan coast. The missiles were launched from U.S. Navy vessels in the Mediterranean.

Another article from the AP states this:

The Pentagon said it fired 110 cruise missiles at 20 targets.

8 years ago today, Bush announced the expansion of the mis-directed war of terror:

This should be seens as quite a slap in the face to all of those who voted for Obama in hopes of stopping or slowing the war expansion; many of those people are marching in the streets today.

I sure do HOPE that people have taken the Obama stickers of their cars by now.

Military Watershed: Longest War In U.S. And Afghan History

June 12, 2010
by Rick Rozoff   source: Global Research  June 12, 2010

This week news about the U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization armed conflict in Afghanistan, the largest and longest-running war in the world, has begun to penetrate the wall of triumphalism and complacency erected by Washington during the past year’s unparalleled military escalation in the South Asian nation.

Between the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States on January 20, 2009 and now, the number of American troops in the war zone has almost tripled, from 32,000 to 94,000, with the total to reach 100,000 in upcoming weeks. Late last month U.S. combat forces in Afghanistan for the first time outnumbered those in Iraq, 94,000 compared to 92,000. There will soon also be an aggregate of 50,000 armed forces provided by Washington’s NATO allies and NATO partnership nations.

The 150,000 U.S. and allied troops in place by this summer will exceed by tens of thousands the largest amount of foreign forces ever before stationed in Afghanistan: An estimated 118,000 Soviet troops that constituted the high water mark of the USSR’s deployment between late 1979 and early 1989. [1]

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U.S. ‘Secret War’ Expands Globally as Special Operations Forces Take Larger Role

June 5, 2010

source: Washington Post     June 5, 2010

Beneath its commitment to soft-spoken diplomacy and beyond the combat zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Obama administration has significantly expanded a largely secret U.S. war against al-Qaeda and other radical groups, according to senior military and administration officials.

Special Operations forces have grown both in number and budget, and are deployed in 75 countries, compared with about 60 at the beginning of last year. In addition to units that have spent years in the Philippines and Colombia, teams are operating in Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.

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Real News Network: Exclusive Interview with The man that shoed Bush!

June 4, 2010

source: Real News Network  June 4, 2010

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Muntadhar Al-Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist hailed as a hero in the Arab world for throwing his shoes at the then President Bush, claims, “Under US pressure, Iraqi media covered up my torture and supporters were arrested.”

U.S. Funding Both Sides of the War, Defending Poppy Crops, Using Your Tax Dollars

May 26, 2010

Nor Cal Truth    May 26, 2010

Flashback to 2 days ago:

Flashback to yesterday:

The Telegraph reported that many professionals in Afghanistan believe the U.S. is funding both sides of the war:

It’s near-impossible to find anyone in Afghanistan who doesn’t believe the US are funding the Taliban: and it’s the highly educated Afghan professionals, those employed by ISAF, USAID, international media organisations – and even advising US diplomats – who seem the most convinced.

One Afghan friend, who speaks flawless English and likes to quote Charles Dickens, Bertolt Brecht and Anton Chekhov, says the reason is clear. “The US has an interest in prolonging the conflict so as to stay in Afghanistan for the long term.”

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Number of Troops in Afghanistan Passes Iraq

May 25, 2010

source: Antiwar   May 25, 2010

Pentagon officials announced today that for the first time since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, there are more troops in Afghanistan than Iraq, officially making Afghanistan the ‘Big War’ and Iraq ‘that other war.’

Given President Obama’s campaign pledges to escalate the war in Afghanistan and withdraw from Iraq, it is a wonder that it took over 16 months to reach this point, but a snail’s pace in the Iraq drawdown coupled with logistics problems in the latest Afghanistan escalation conspired to make it a long, difficult road.

Indeed, were it not for the endless surges into Afghanistan this day might never have come at all, as 92,000 troops remain in Iraq and the numbers are still not dropping in any sort of serious way. Rather Obama started with only 30,000 troops in Afghanistan but is rapidly approaching 100,000, with more expected all the time.

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Hidden Toll of US Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: “Surge” in Military Suicides

May 2, 2010

by Bill Van Auken source: Global Research    May 2, 2010

18 Veterans Commit Suicide Daily

An average of 18 US military veterans are taking their lives every day as the Obama administration and the Pentagon grow increasingly defensive about the epidemic of suicides driven by Washington’s wars of aggression.

The stunning figure was reported last week by the Army Times, citing officials in the US Veterans Affairs Department. 

The department estimates that there are 950 suicide attempts every month by veterans who are receiving treatment from the department. Of these, 7 percent succeed in taking their own lives, while 11 percent try to kill themselves again within nine months. 

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