Help to Keep 9/11 and Other Important Issues on KPFA: Donate and Spread The Word

If you have a few extra dollars to help topics like 9/11 stay on KPFA, via the Project Censored team, please do consider donating!! – Brian @ Nor Cal Truth

source: Peter Phillips   Jan 4, 2012

Dear Friends of Project Censored and KPFA,

Peter Phillips and I (Mickey Huff) have been volunteer KPFA hosts on the Project Censored Pacifica show on the Friday Morning Mix (8:00-9:00 AM) since late December 2010. Our Project Censored Pacifica team includes: Abby Martin from Media Roots, Andy Roth Associate Director Project Censored, Steve Zeltzer with Work Week Radio, and ourselves.

We have covered some very important topics including: US Economy and the Collapse of the Dollar, Immigrants Rights, Media as Entertainment, the Crisis in Education in California, Strikes and other Labor Issues, Loss of Civil Liberties in the US, continuing 9/11 concerns and updates on the US NATO Military Industrial Media Empire.

We believe that there is no topic that should not be covered on KPFA community free speech radio, especially the most censored news stories that we feature on our website ( and in our annual yearbook—Censored 2012.

Please call in your pledge support to KPFA during our show at: 510-848-5732 or Toll free: 1-800-439-5732 and keep free speech radio alive and on the air. Out of area folks can listen and pledge on-line at

Or Mail a check to: 

Development: In Support of the Project Censored Show KPFA Radio
1929 MLK Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA 94704


Mickey Huff  &  Peter Phillips


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