Justice Dept. Takes on Itself in Probe of 2001 Anthrax Attacks


Have you seen the documentary called Anthrax War? See the first part below and then click this link: http://www.anthraxwar.com/

by Jerry Markon  Source: Washington Post    Jan 31, 2012

Since it began a decade ago, the federal government’s massive investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks has been plagued by missteps and complications.

Investigators initially focused on the wrong man, then had to pay him a nearly $6 million settlement. In 2008, they accused another man, Bruce E. Ivins, who killed himself before he could go to trial.

Now, in the latest twist, the government has argued against itself.

In documents deep in the files of a recently settled Florida lawsuit, Justice Department civil attorneys contradicted their own department’s conclusion that Ivins was unquestionably the anthrax killer. The lawyers said the type of anthrax in Ivins’s lab was “radically different” from the deadly anthrax. They cited several witnesses who said Ivins was innocent, and they suggested that a private laboratory in Ohio could have been involved in the attacks.

The unusual spectacle of one arm of the Justice Department publicly questioning another has the potential to undermine one of the most high-profile investigations in years, according to critics and independent experts who reviewed the court filings.

“I cannot think of another case in which the government has done such an egregious about-face. It destroys confidence in the criminal findings,’’ said Paul Rothstein, a law professor at Georgetown University.



One Response to Justice Dept. Takes on Itself in Probe of 2001 Anthrax Attacks

  1. John A. says:

    After the FBI dropped their first suspect in 2006, they spent almost 2 years harrassing Ivins with some very hard-ball scare-tactics and cowboy techniques which made him very uncomfortable and nervous. He told friends they were bent on getting him convicted no matter what he tried to do. In fact the government created a massive ad hominem argument against his character which his work buddies say is unrecognizable.

    He was finally checked into a short-term psychological observation facility, isolated from all sympathetic support, and that is where he got the megadose of tylenol and codein.

    We both know jury trials are places where the prosecutor’s case gets carefully cross-examined, and the defense gets to bring in as much factual and character reference as they wish (a capital case, after all).

    My current guess is that it was the FBI that ‘escaped trial’ by Ivin’s suicide. They’ve been calling it ‘case closed’ and not wanting to do any double-checking. That’s why this new angle you are reporting is so important.

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