Norman Solomon and 9/11

Nor Cal Truth   Jan 27, 2012

I have had my third run in with Norman Solomon, an anti-war activist and media critic who is running for Congress. I have compiled 2 of my run-ins along with some historical context in the video below. I hope you like it and find it interesting.

Norman Solomon has a history of avoiding 9/11, even silencing it.

Now he is running for Congress to represent the 2nd District of California, right where I live.

Michael Ruppert’s Timeline:

Norman’s letter to KPFA in 2002:

6 Responses to Norman Solomon and 9/11

  1. Fred W says:

    When I try to play the video, I get:

    “This video contains content from WMG and EMI, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
    Sorry about that.”

    Has ACTA hit us already?

    • Brian says:

      Its really fun spending 2 weeks editing to come to this….

      Give me a night, hopefully I be able to woek around this.

      I used some parts of some songs, and it was uploaded through a company, hence the amazing speed that it was disabled.

      Hang tight….

    • Sharon says:

      Sita…I wish we’d all been ready…WOW…I know DC TALK and I think I know Larry Norman but can’t rememberthis one…I rllaey liked the power of this and it would light the fire in my witness also to make me bold!Goes with LaHayes/Jenkins Left Behind series!Excellent notes on the simulcast…I’ll be back to read those later. Thank you for sharing them for those of us who missed it!And how I loved Touched by An Angel! I miss seeing that even reruns…anything! You’ve had a difficult week…I should have been praying with you! May God help you to the Resurrection Sunday and leave those dead grave clothes behind!!! Hope your time tomorrow brightens your outlook! Be blessed as you bless us. Light that FIRE!

  2. mikebaldwin says:

    GREAT JOB on this Brian!!! You never cease to amaze me!!!

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