The Curious Case of United Airlines Flight 23 on 9/11

Brian Romanoff     Nor Cal Truth   Nov 21, 2011

Perhaps it is nothing.

The 9/11 Commission Final Report did not mention it.

The FBI investigated it and interviewed many people, several different times. FBI officials never contested the media reports, nor did it ever release any findings of its investigation publicly. 

Perhaps it was not important enough to warrant a note or comment ….. perhaps it is.

During the 10 year anniversary of the attacks, ABC brought us the first-in-a-long-time mainstream news report of the mystery:


UAL flight 23 was scheduled to depart New York’s JFK airport at 8:30am September 11th, 2001, bound for Los Angeles. Piloting flight 23 was Tom Mannello with First Officer Carol Timmons.

Flight 23 was delayed, but it eventually taxied out to the tarmac to wait behind a line of other planes.

During this time, the first and second hijacked planes would strike the North Tower and South Tower at 8:46am and 9:03 am, respectively.

Apparently the pilots of flight 23 overheard another pilot, who was sharing the same frequency, say a  plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Expecting a long wait, Pilot Tom Mannello shut the engines off and told passengers a mechanical problem was holding them up.

It would not be long before flight 23 would receive its first warnings from an alert United employee.

United Airlines dispatcher Ed Ballinger started to relay text messages to the planes for which he was in control of, 16 flights in total, including both UAL flight 23 and 93 as soon as he had an idea of what was happening. 

9/11 Commission MFR (Memorandum for the Record) #040200009, from Ballingers time in front of the Commission, states that he sent a series of warnings to the planes in his control(download PDF).  The following timeline is for the warnings UAL flight 23 received from Ballinger:

  • 9:12 am Received a message to the effect that a “ground stop of all aircraft” was in process
  • 9:20 am “Beware any cockpit intrusion…..Two aircraft in New York hit Trade Center buildings”
  • 9:24 am “Beware any cockpit intrusion…..Two aircraft in New York hit Trade Center buildings”
  • 9:32 am “High Security Alert. Secure cockpit.”

The pilots of UAL flight 23 took heed to Ballinger’s warnings. First Officer Carol Timmons started to barricade the door with to the cockpit with luggage, while Pilot Tom Manello held the crash-axe for protection.

Captain Manello relayed the warnings to the flight crew, stating to not open the cockpit doors – “no exceptions!” Shortly after, the cockpit received a call from an attendant on the plane stating she thought “it was unusual” that a group of four Arab men were sitting in first-class.  The warnings from Ballinger to the pilots of flight 23 did not contain any specifics of the hijackers appearance, to be sure.

The smoke from the World Trade Center was visible from the plane. JFK airport was in a declared emergency and shut down while UAL flight 23 was seventh in line to take off. The pilots, having already received warnings from Ed Ballinger and the in-flight call from the attendant, announced they were heading back to the gate. 

As the plane headed back for the gate the group of Middle Easterners apparently got up and began consulting with each other, refusing orders from attendants to go back to their seats. An argument ensued between the men and the flight attendants, prompting a call from the plane to airport security. The men were reported to have insisted that they “have got to be on this plane.”

Security officials apparently met the plane at the gate – yet were unable to apprehend the men in question.  JFK Airport was being evacuated and perhaps in a bit of chaos: The crowd of people apparently provided enough cover for the men to escape without question. These men were never seen again –  that we know of.

Ed Ballinger had “figured it out” and started making moves well before federal officials had fully grasped what was happening on 9/11. Due to his actions he is largely credited with saving UAL flight 23 from a potential hijacking, and he was also able to give Flight 93 warnings before the pilots lost control of that flight.


While the suspicious men were able to escape with the crowd in the frantic evacuation of JFK, they may have left something behind.

Law enforcement officials searched unclaimed baggage from flight 23. Some bags apparently contained a “Quran, al-Qaeda instruction sheets and false IDs,” and according to some media reports and Lynn Spencer’s Touching History (p102-105), box-cutters too.

The History Channel aired a program in 2005 confirming those accounts. The show focused on the air-traffic controllers of 9/11, it was called Grounded on 9/11 and it contained the following segment:

The FBI obtained the passenger manifests of flight 23, thinking that the passengers in question had bought tickets for their flights ahead of time.


Though officials including the FBI deny any links to the events of United flight 23 or 9/11, the following event is worth a mention.

On September 13th, as air traffic was beginning for the first time since the 11th a group of men were arrested at JFK. 

Four men were apparently detained on a flight heading to Los Angeles with tickets from Tuesday, 9/11. Accounts on the specifics differ slightly, suggesting errors in reporting, but as Peter Jennings would say, there was “something going on.”

Another report by FOX from 9/14/01 adds more detail:

On Thursday, according to the airline industry source, a man presented a ticket for Tuesday’s Los Angeles flight at the counter — but told airline employees that he had changed his mind and now wanted to travel to San Jose.

People at the ticket counter were suspicious, but they changed the ticket and alerted a supervisor who, in turn, notified Port Authority police. Authorities tracked the man to the gate, where he passed through security checks, including metal detectors. He was then stopped at the gate by security.

A short time later, three more men arrived at Kennedy and boarded American Airlines flight 133 to Los Angeles. Minutes later, law enforcement officers secretly boarded the plane using a catering cart, according to the industry source. The officers, with weapons drawn, then removed the three from the plane.

Reports of the JFK incident were numerous, yet perhaps unrelated to flight 23 on 9/11.

Federal officials were said to have released all of the suspects and to have found no connections to the events of 9/11, including flight 23.

Enter Joe Biden and his 24 hour turn-around after a very awkward interview with Peter Jennings.

On September 13th Joe Biden refers to the arrested individuals as a “second team” during an interview with Peter Jennings. Biden seems to infer he “can’t reveal things” he knows bout the arrests, though during the interview his main point seems to be about bringing more funding to the Intelligence agencies. 

The very next day on September 14th USA Today carried a story quoting Joe Biden telling CNN this:

Sen. Joseph Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told CNN the arrests were based on suspicions that the men were linked to Tuesday’s attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

One man was arrested because he was belligerent, while the others were merely detained and questioned, according to the senator’s chief of staff, Alan Hoffman.

Biden said there were explanations for the suspicions. One man was originally thought to be traveling with a fake pilot’s license. Biden said the man was a pilot who also had his brother’s identification.

“His brother happened to live in an apartment complex that was one in Boston where some of these people had actually been,” said Biden, D-Del.

Others were traveling to a Boeing Co. conference, either because they work for the airline manufacturer or were invited, Biden added.

“The folks at the airport thought, ‘Hey, wait a minute, are they impersonating crew?’ And they weren’t.”

This seemingly simple answer is a stark contrast to his comments the day before with Peter Jennings. It also seems that with his statements to CNN he must not have known anything credible at during the Peter Jennings interview a day before, raising suspicions as to what exactly Biden was acting for.

On the contrary, if Joe Biden was giving a cover story to CNN on the 14th for his revealing information on the 13th with Peter Jennings, what was the reason?


Ten years after the events of September 11th and after the recent killing of Usama bin Laden, there is so much we don’t know. Where could this information lead?

  • The names of first class and all other passengers on United flight 23
  • The amount of people booked for United flight 23
  • What exactly was found in the baggage of United flight 23
  • The results of the FBI’s investigation into United flight 23
  • Was surveillance footage from the airport checked and archived for suspect identification
  • Were any names of passengers from flight 23 on FBI or other watch lists
  • Why the 9/11 Commission Final Report did not mention United flight 23
  • What were the details of the arrests on 9/13 at JFK at JFK airport
  • What were the names of the people arrested on 9/13 at JFK airport
  • What was found in the possession of those arrested on 9/13 at JFK airport
  • What exactly did Joe Biden know about the arrests of 9/13 at JFK airport


In the more recent news, First Officer of United flight 23, Carol Timmons became Delaware Air National Guard’s first female General.

This prompted the latest round of discussion regarding UAL flight 23. Many still don’t know about flight 23 while others consider it a myth or bad reporting at the time, and some even call it an urban myth.

A news story from the Delaware Journal Online was cited by Jan Ting of NewsWorks as turning his mind to thinking the 9/11 UAL flight 23 incident actually happened. The link Ting provided in his story to the original article is no longer working.

Fortunately archivists at saved the entire story, along with a short profile on Carol Timmons, because it appears the original has been removed from the archives of the Delaware Journal Online. The article Ting cited was authored by Jeff Montgomery and Adam Taylor and titled “Delaware Air National Guard piloting historic course,” published on May 15th, 2011.


As always, more information can be found at the Complete 9/11 Timeline

56 Responses to The Curious Case of United Airlines Flight 23 on 9/11

  1. […] is an article I just finished writing, The Curious Case of Flight 23 on 9/11   Brian Categories: United States Tags: case, CURIOUS, Flight Related PostsFiji: […]

    • Susan Ford says:

      Brian, I was a flight attendant on Ual flt 23 on 9/11. It is true that we were a targeted flight.

  2. mikebaldwin says:

    VERY interesting Brian, thanks!!

  3. Bob says:

    On 9/11 I met a person from the US Airforce at a car dealership as I was having my car serviced. This was after the planes had hit the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon. He told me that his girl friend was flying out of Newark to Las Vegas, and for no apparent reason her flight was cancelled. He felt that 9/11 was an inside job.

  4. Kathy Emmer says:

    This is interesting and the first time I have heard about flt 23.
    Definitely well presented and the questions should be added to any future commissions on 911.
    Was flt 23 discussed at the Canadian 911 event earlier this year? I haven’t finished listening to the speakers available on YouTube Thanks for the info, Kathy

    • Brian says:


      Hey there! As far as I know Flight 23 was not discussed @ the Toronto Hearings. There really is not a whole lot of research into it.

      And of course, we don’t know for sure what Flight 23 was or was not going to be – though it seems the possibility of it being hijacked that morning was high.

      I find Joe Biden’s behaviour to be really intersting. Pamela Meyer may have something to say about his performance.

      At 9/11 Blogger some interesting links have been presented that I did not find in my research on Flight 23 originally.

      If you or others are interested, see these documents for more information:

      Also visit the 9/11 Blogger comments on this article:

      Your welcome for the info, glad you liked it. 🙂

  5. Fidel says:

    This article, after the fact, contributes to reinforcing the false historical narrative that planes and hijackers somehow contributed to the world trade towers coming down when in fact, from a physics point of view (newton’s second law) this is impossible–despite the fact “the images of the planes are etched in our minds” (by the television media).

    I cannot help but think that those who claim many in the “911 truth” movement are, in fact, disinformation agents whose role is to create false narratives–are quite correct.

    • Brian says:

      Are you kidding me?

      The towers were destroyed by demolitions no doubt, but this article has nothing to do with the towers, “Fidel.”

      This article does talk about Flight 23 potentially being another hijack on 9/11, did you read it?

      And yes, airplanes were in the air on 9/11 believe it or not!

    • John says:

      I agree with Fidel. This is just to reinforce the idea that 911 was carried out by Arab terrorists. Sure, Arabs were involved, but Arabs that were working for the Mossad and the CIA to put a false face on the September 11th attacks. Those planes couldn’t come close to causing the two towers to fall down.

      • Brian says:

        What the hell are you talking about?

        Man, you have to have a more detailed analysis on 9/11 than “Mossad and CIA did it.” There is so much more. That is 5 words to describe a covert operation that may have took years if not longer to plan and execute.

        This article is nothing but research. If you can’t understand where this could lead, thats your issue. It shows lack of creative problem solving in my opinion though.

        Gee, if we had more planes destined to be “hijacked” on 9/11 by anyone and they got away, would’nt you want to know who they were? Maybe find some Saudi links? Link that to the Bush cover-up? Link that to the CIA helping the “hijackers” in the planning? Link that to who knows where else….

        C’mon people. Get critical, do some research. 9/11 was not some simple operation.

        Good luck.

    • Jerry says:

      I find I am in agreement with you on this Mr. or Mrs. FIDEL

      I really find I respect Peter Jennings and his approach and behavior, his professional manner in questioning, and the difficulties Biden had in responding // It’s as if Mr Jennings is sending us a clue with his own difficulties in relaying this as news. And where’s poor Mr. Jennings today? Dead from some natural cause, if I’m not mistaken.

      And to add confusion to confusion, that corrupt but former police commissioner and good friend of the former NYC mayor, initially recommended by GWB to be the nation’s first ever Director of the newly forming Homeland Security is safely behind bars for no other reason than he is guilty of something non-9/11 related. Do they eat their own or what? Somebody might want to probe this guy for direct and indirect involvement into 9/11 subjects. Maybe they put him there because he’s the kind of guy that likes to talk. Maybe?

      This story is so deep into official version of events that there is nothing here of truth other than a record of how a portion of the lies were formed but weak and backseat to other more juicy portions. Can anybody say PsyOps.

      • Brian says:

        That is the problem with ‘internet activists’ like yourself, Jerry.

        This is not a religion. Beliefs you carry, carry no weight. What you believe, really, truly is unimportant to finding out the truth. The truth is followed by following evidence, not beliefs.

        When you write a paper that contains links and original research we can have a larger discussion about it.

        Until then you sound paranoid.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Any thoughts on the fact that Gen. Timmons serves the Air National Guard of Delaware, and Biden was a senator from Delaware at the time?

    • Brian says:

      No, not really.

      I am suspect of Biden for his interesting behaviour. I don’t know what he is hiding.

      But I have no suspicions about Carol Timmons, she could easily have been another casualty that day. She is lucky to be alive in my opinion.

  7. Greg Fernandez Jr. says:

    great info than needs to be examined. more valid questions about 9/11

  8. Robert says:

    Thanks for the article, Brian. I did not know about this. I saw your name and recognized you from a piece that was included in our new documentary

    Appreciate your efforts and integrity. Keep up the good work.

    • Brian says:


      Thanks for the thanks.

      I’m sorry, but I had to remove the movie reference to keep this on topic.

      Don’t take it the wrong way.



      • Gudiya says:

        that was the dumbest thing ive ever read. im going to say AGAIN, for the mtinlolih time on one of these posts, its not the fact that the guy said he is against gay lifestyle, its the fact that millions of chick-fil-a dollars get donated every year to anti gay organizations. id like to see what this black pastor would say if chick was donating money to the KKK. same difference, hate groups are hate groups.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am so sick & tired of picking and choosing which ‘unofficial’ report is real. If a news report from Sept 11th makes the ‘official story’ look bad then, it’s dismissed. But if it helps bolster it, it’s ‘considered’.

    Flight 93 landed in Ohio on the morning of September 11, 2001!!!

    Oh but wait. It couldn’t have because it conflicts with the OS. So let’s make THAT report…..just a rumor. And a wrong rumor at that.

    Complete bull-crap

    9-11 was an inside job and the government has been lying ever since!

    Operation Northwood

  10. hardtoport says:

    Hi…1st time reader and responder to your blog. Glad to see people are still asking questions about 9/11….I have no idea what the real story is except I’m pretty sure it’s nothing like the 9/11 Ommission Report would want us to believe.

    This story on Flt 23 is interesting to me on a couple of levels…(1) why don’t we know the names of these ME people who fit the exact profile of the hijackers on the other planes? (2) Another commercial pilot who was also a military pilot.

    What else happened on 9/11? A very big wargame. One that supposedly was testing, among other things, hijacking scenarios. Reading about Mohammed Atta, he was certainly not your typical ME religious fanatic…he was a coke sniffing, stripper loving dude who may well have been a double agent for the USG.

    OK, here’s what I want to know….was 93, 11, 175, and 77 (and now 23) part of the wargames that day? Here’s why I ask. There were a lot of Raytheon people on 11…people directly involved with their weapons control/remote control systems division. What if these “hijackers” were role playing that day? Guys that could add some in-cabin realism to the test events? What if these 4 planes had RC capabilities which were being evaluated as part of the wargame planning….but became actual weapons by a team of people who wanted this ‘shock and awe’ moment?

    There has been precious little information released about the wargames going on that day (and strange that General Meyers, head of the USAF, was meeting with Max Cleland while these games were underway) – seems like a huge coincidence and yet, no one, as far as I know, asked a very simple question…..were 93, 11, 175, 77, (and now 23) part of that exercise? Because it was an amazing coincidence that terrorist hijackers managed to successfully hijack 4 planes within an 1 hour of each other on the 1 day that our US Air Defense systems were unavailable. It would have been even more unbelievable to think they just happened to pick 1 or more planes that were part of the exercise that day. If 1 was involved…what are the chances that all of them were involved?

    • Brian says:

      The information available to the public is very little regarding the wargames, as you know.

      However I do not believe that any of these flights specifically would have been named in amy wargame preperations. It would allow for investigations to go somewhere.

      I assume the wargames war more to add to the confusion of a investigation later on, like what we are all trying to figure out.

      “Phantom flight 11” is something that comes to mind when thinking of the wargames, however there are other explanations as well.

      It will take a lot more interest and research and FOIA filings to fgure a portion of it all out!

      Thanks for visiting

  11. hardtoport says:

    Follow-up clarification on 23….if 23 was part of the war games but got scrubbed/delayed to the point that it was too late to participate…they’d sure want to make sure that these alive “hijackers” would never become known to the public for obvious reasons.

  12. Brian says:

    If some other teams of hijackers existed on 9/11 that were not ‘activated,’ it would benefit us all to know for many obvious reasons.

  13. […] posted the latest, and one of only a few reports on the subject, recently. It can be found here:   Categories: United States Tags: 1st, Dec, meeting, Notes, Truth Related […]

  14. nickoala says:

    was maybe Flight 23 aiming the wtc7 ??

    • Brian says:

      If 23 was going to be hijacked, I do not think it would have been aimed at WTC 7.

      WTC 7 was too low profile for an attack of this magnitude. The WTC 1 and 2 make sense. Pentagon makes sense. What would the fourth plane have hit? Perhaps the White House, I don’t know.

      There were threats before 9/11 that discussed potential attacks in SF and Chicago.

      WTC 7 would probably be a pretty hard target to hit. Though that didn’t seem to be a problem on 9/11 for some odd reason…..

  15. Susan says:

    I was a working crew member on UAL Flt # 23 on 9/11. I would be happy to answers any questions.

    • JB says:

      Hello Susan,

      What happened that morning on your flight? Were there some suspicious passengers? Any details would be great…thanks!

      • Susan Ford says:

        Sorry for the delayed response. I only occasionally check for new information on our flight. We were actually the 9:00 flight from JFK to Lax. It was a over-water 767. The first 4 passengers to board our flight were sitting in 2ABCD. they handed me their passports, which were from Saudi Arabia, which was unusual on a domestic, US flights. After taking their tickets I called for the ticket taker and went back to Business class, where I was assigned. The other flight attendants were talking about the hatred or ominous feeling coming from the people in row 2. When the first flight attendant approached these passengers about not having special meals, she was told to only speak to 2B as the others did not speak English. He said, in broken English, beef okay. After checking the meals, she spoke with him again, telling him that all of the meals had pork on them. His response was in perfect, Oxford English “It won’t matter”. She was all upset and came back to business class to find extra fuit and rolls to make up plates for them as it was a 6 hour flight and she knew they would be hungry. It was while she was in our galley that the gate agent came to close out the flight. It took her a couple of minutes to get o the front door, which delayed our push back briefly. Then we taxied out to the runway. We were number 2 for take off when we were informed that there was a ground hold in JFK airspace, no reason given. Then the captain announced that there was a report that an aircraft had hit the World Trade Center and we could see the plume of smoke out the right side of our aircraft. Coach was not full so people go up and looked out the windows on the right side of our plane. The people in 2ABCD showed no interest at all. And they were, noticeably the only people not interested.

      • Susan says:

        The story is a long one and there are many details but the important part is this… After all of the passengers got off we checked the entire cabin for ‘packages’ that might have been left on board. We check the lavs and visually checked the seats, under seats and overhead bins. the plane was empty. As the gate agent was giving instructions about a mechanic moving the plane away from the gate I remembered something that I had left onboard. When I stepped back onboard there were 2 men standing in the back of coach. They had come out of hiding. We have no idea where they were hiding. We did discuss this amongst ourselves and there are some possibilities. They were both wearing what appeared to be navy blue uniform clothing. The were dark and had features consistent with middle eastern men. I did not approach them but got right back off the plane. We, the inflight crew, left the jetway and went into the crew area. The next day we were questioned, by the FBI, about 2 men left on board. We were told that they had ripped up the carpet and had escaped down through the landing gear and off the tarmac before the FBI could apprehend them. There is no doubt in our minds that we were on a targeted flight and those men were never caught.

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