Michael C. Ruppert @ Occupy Santa Rosa

Nor Cal Truth    Oct 19, 2011

Michael Ruppert was one of over 2,500 people who were out Occupying Santa Rosa on 10/15/11, I happened to run into him.

Ruppert is author of Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

Michael is well known for being a former LAPD offcer who worked with narcotics and confronted CIA Director John Deutch in 1996 about the CIA dealing drugs in America.

For more on Michael Ruppert see:

The Truth and Lies about 9/11




One Response to Michael C. Ruppert @ Occupy Santa Rosa

  1. Ketlin says:

    J.R., your gas can in search of a match aaonlgy is says it excellently.T. Paine wrote: The left’s trying to pin this on the right in an attempt to try to gain a political advantage is disgusting. Here’s what you don’t get, maybe because the voices you pay heed to are all so loudly and disingenuously insisting otherwise.We’re bleeding-heart liberals over here, Paine. We really do care about people who’ve been killed and injured. We really do want to see to it more aren’t hurt and killed. We’re not insisting the radical right go away or sit in the corner being quiet from now on. This isn’t an election year, and when the next one rolls around the most strident on the far right will have trotted out two years’ worth of fearmongering and distractions, so that this horrible incident will have faded to the background.What we want, for everyone’s sake, is for those who allude to using guns, to using force; those who depict our government and leaders as devious, dishonest, without conscience or a shred of decency, to cut it out. Just stop it. If your position is strong, your ideas worthy, your candidates suitably attractive and persuasive, you can win elections without doing those things. Your side always gets plenty of money for that purpose, no matter what else is true. So, your side doesn’t need to keep dishing out the red meat, the angry, resentful tirades, the racism and the hate talk.If you can’t grasp the inevitable effect of creating an atmosphere of hate and demonization targeting people of differing political beliefs and preferences, you’re hopelessly ignorant about the environment of heinous, brutal demonization created against Jews in Nazi Germany in the late 1920 s right through the operation of the death camps. I’m not saying you or even Rush Limbaugh envisions a death camp future for liberals, so don’t go off on that tangent. I’m talking about creating an atmosphere where bullies, bigots and crazy people feel justified and liberated to act out their anger, resentment, prejudice and, in some cases, murderous craziness. Creating an atmosphere where they not only feel justified, but imagine they will be cheered as patriots for beating and even killing those they disagree with — which is exactly what the SS fiends felt like when they killed Jewish men, women and children.We want the vitriol, the attributing of evil motives and the outright lying to stop, Paine. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for or expect.

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