Mounting Evidence: New Book by Dr. Paul Rea

 source: Dr. Paul Rea    Oct 3, 2011

Readable and comprehensive, it’s a good book for everyone. It runs 550 pp., so the 24 pp. bib. had to go on the website, which offers lots of other goodies, too. If you don’t have a copy, please do check out the Preface or Chapter 22 on WTC7:

3 Responses to Mounting Evidence: New Book by Dr. Paul Rea

  1. Patrick McCarthy says:


    Love your new book. Please call me at 208-514-0643. Lots of luck.

    Best regards,

    Patrick McCarthy

  2. Rgina says:

    You have made great points in this aitrcle and you’ve presented them in a great format that is easy to read and understand. This is brain-stimulating and thought-provoking material. This kind of writing is unique.

  3. from it for my various writing classes. You will enjoy the topics presented in the book with great ideas to help you start debating. As a centrist, I found many of the topics to be biased against the libertarian/conservative. Even with the more-than-obvious anti-right bias, it was still an excellent book. The reason why I said it was anti-right (maybe you should listen to this part) is because the authors picked topics, pictures, essays, or artwork, that would (un)seemingly go against conservatives and their ideas. Now, I am sure someone else could have made the same book and used topics that would go against liberal policies, presidents, but that wouldn’t be acceptable in college. (kidding)I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I wanted. If all liberals in the classroom agree with something, but cannot prove it, that could be a liberal bias…My advice to the authors is they should try to focus on making it completely even. I know there are some excellent conservative authors in there, but this bias needs to go.Thank you.Help other customers find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you?  |  

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