The Horizontal Movement of Heavy Free Flying Sections

source: 9/11 Blogger    Sep 26, 2011

New video on free flying heavy steel sections from the Twin Towers is very informative and documents blast pressure wave effects.

This is from an AE911Truth supporter from Germany, Andrea Dreger.




2 Responses to The Horizontal Movement of Heavy Free Flying Sections

  1. Svetlana says:

    No problem you know I got your back girl. I alltaucy started back using SugarStats yesterday. I figured if I sent you something for encouragement then I should be using something too. I like it just because I can use it on my phone or laptop. So no excuses for me or you! We are doing this!!! :0)Andrea B.

  2. From a negative utilitarian perspective I guess the end of the world would be a good thing since it would eliminate all suffering.But if you’re weighing suffering vs happiness I wonder what the global average would be? In the comments they bring up the amount of people living in poverty, equating that with suffering, but isn’t suicide rates generally higher in more developed countries? That would indicate a lower level of happiness, if not suffering (depending on your definition of suffering)… I don’t find it hard to imagine that overall suffering would outweigh overall happiness, so the end of the world might still be a good thing.Though this does of course not take in to account any intrinsic value of human life, if there is such a thing. I’ve always found it weird that human life would somehow be more valuable than any other form of life. Species become extinct all the time, but when it comes to humans the idea is suddenly unthinkable. It will (should) happen eventually…

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