FBI Releases Pentagon 9/11 Investigation Photos

source: 9/11 Blogger   Sep 21, 2011


Videos Released:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     http://vault.fbi.gov/911-videos

Direct link to images release:

9/11 attacks main page:

18 Responses to FBI Releases Pentagon 9/11 Investigation Photos

  1. I looked at the first set of photos and for a start the ‘airplane’ wreckage looks suspiciously thin for the skin of a big jet.

    Also, I am familiar with the exact paint job of the alleged jet in question, but to me the red lettering looks suspiciously small. Is it supposed to be from ‘American Airlines’ written across each fuselage side? Surely those letters would be at least 5- 6 feet tall?

    The letters in the photos look about 2 foot tall at best. I’m sure the rivet spacing could be used to provide a reference for their size.

    Just my thoughts…

    • Brian says:

      Take a look at what was left of the plane at the Reno air show recently.

      Nothing “bigger than a briefcase” was left is what I was told personally by a witness. Pictures and video add corroboration.

      • Eduardo says:

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  2. paul block says:

    Does anyone know why Amec – one of the world’s biggest civil engineers – were on site, almost literally at the point of impact?
    They have an interesting motto – “Shaping the Future”.

    • Brian says:

      AMEC was supposedly working on the Wedge of the Pentagon that was hit by a large airliner on 9/11.

      AMEC then supposedly was contracted to help with the clean-up of the debris inside the Pentagon and the damaged wedge they had recently worked on.

      Original links to AMEC statements about this are dead, do you have a link?

      • Mohammed says:

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  3. paul block says:

    In response to Brian’s observation about the Reno air crash, it has to be pointed out that the machine in question was a P-51 Mustang which weighed a little more than three tonnes in aerobatic or racing trim. I quote: “The crash left a crater 3 feet deep and 6 to 8 feet wide and debris scattered over more than an acre”. The aircraft said to have struck the Pentagon was a Boeing 757-223, weighing in excess of 100 tonnes. If all that remained of the airliner had been reduced to briefcase size – including the two Rolls Royce engines, no mean feat – just where are all those thousands of briefcase-sized pieces? There is no debris field. The one-and-only hole in the wall was supposedly caused by the nose, one of the softer sections, of the aircraft. There do not appear to be any marks of any kind on the walls where the much more substantial engines should have impacted.

  4. Kathy Emmer says:

    I know the Richard Gage camp is focusing on WTC, but it was no wreckage on the pristine lawn, and the15 to 20 foot hole in the Pentagon that got me questioning the official story.

    • Brian says:

      Whatever brought you to question 9/11, the point now is to finetune how you bring others to question 9/11.

      Furthermore, work with the best evidence so you don’t get proven wrong in a debate about 9/11.

      Do what works best for you.

  5. Kathy Emmer says:

    Oh ah about the Pentagon photos. I have seen some of these before. The one with the orange flames is a generator truck burning

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