North Bay Bohemian Asks NorCalTruth for Brief 9/11 Statement

The fine folks at the North Bay Bohemian newspaper gave me a call last week and asked for my input for an upcoming article related to 9/11. Of course I was happy to be called and supply them with my 2 cents. The story is called “Where Were You?” by Leilani Clark and I was able to snugly fit in a statement about the destruction of the buildings. Thanks for the opportunity Leilani! (This weeks Bohemian also reviews The Big Lie) I have cut out the other sections, so please visit the original source if you want to read other people’s answers. – Brian @ Nor Cal Truth

source: North Bay Bohemian    Sep 9, 2011

When wounds like 9-11 leave a lasting scar on our memory.

By Leilani Clark

The morning of Sept. 11, 2001, is indelibly marked on the memories of people across the world. Millions of us can remember exactly what we were doing the moment the planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the buildings crumbled, killing thousands. The Bohemian asked a number of North Bay community members to share their recollections of that morning 10 years ago.

Brian Romanoff, NorCal Truth blogger and organizer

I lived in the Hotel Petaluma, of all places, at the time. It was the first time in years that I watched TV for a few hours. I stopped by my dad’s house on the way to my new job at an upscale Sausalito restaurant. The words that to this day sum up the day’s events are “surreal” and “unbelievable.”

My shock at the attack itself was somewhat overshadowed by my shock at the unanticipated destruction of the World Trade Center buildings. I now know that planes and fires did not bring down WTC 7 or the Twin Towers, hence the disbelief. We are still in shock-and-survival mode. War, torture, the PATRIOT Act, being guilty before innocent on any TSA interaction, unaccountability in government and domestic surveillance are all a problem in my book.

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