Rick Veitch on 9/11 and “The Big Lie”


source: 9/11 Truth News    Sep 7, 2011

Rick Veitch has been pushing the boundaries of comic book storytelling as a writer and artist for over three decades. Best known for his mind-bending work on DC’s Swamp Thing, Veitch has worked on everything from mainstream superhero comics such as Justice League of America to the graphic navigation of the outer reaches of his own dreams in the independently published Rare Bit Fiends.

Veitch’s most recent ongoing series was Army@Love, a black-humored, absurdist mash-up of romance and war genre comics, inspired in no small part by the hype and horror of the War on Terror. In 2006, Veitch released the epic book-length poem Can’t Get No, exploring one man’s soul-searching odyssey in the wake of 9/11. Publishers Weekly called it one of the “Best Books of 2006″.

Now Rick Veitch returns to 9/11 – this time exploring some of the many inconsistencies and contradictions of the official account – in a new book from Image Comics called

The Big Lie.  9/11 Truth News spoke to Rick Veitch to find out more about the inspiration behind his new work.

9/11 Truth News: Even 10 years down the road, it takes a lot of courage to speak up about 9/11, that much more so to release a major work calling it into question. You’re putting out a book called The Big Lie on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so I imagine you must have very strong feelings about it. Why is 9/11 important to you?

Rick Veitch: It’s important to all of us. We all lost something on that morning when that attack happened. It took me a couple years to begin to really wonder about what actually happened in contrast to what we were told happened. Tom Yeates, who is the editor of this book and the guy who did the cover – he and I are old buddies, we went to the Kubert school together and shared a hippie art crash pad together decades ago. He and I would get on the phone and we’d start talking about this stuff and agreed the whole thing just stunk to high heaven. Tom turned me on to some good 9/11 research.  And I was a big fan of Adam Curtis’ BBC documentaries, especially THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES.  I can’t say that I’m what some folks refer to as a “truther”, but I try to stay informed about events and I’m naturally skeptical of “official” stories.  This one never quite convinced me. There are just too many holes in it.

911TN: Where were you on 9/11?

Rick Veitch: I was visiting some old friends, some guys I grew up with. We were in upstate Vermont and we got up in the morning and the television was going and you know, it felt like being kicked in the stomach. For days afterwards I was just sort of moping around, with this cloud over me, thinking that the life that we’d all lived and enjoyed was over and that things were gonna change. I never could have guessed how much they would change for the worse in the decade following 9/11.

911TN: I like the scenario you present of a risk assessment team not being willing to believe that 9/11 is about to happen because the story just doesn’t add up. 27 comic book pages is a small amount of space to convey a great deal of information but I think you’ve done a good job of doing that. Was it tricky to make that work?

Rick Veitch: Yeah, there’s a lot more that’s got to be done and hopefully in future issues we’ll be able to focus more deeply on different aspects of 9/11 and what happened afterwards. But in terms of what we could fit into a 20 page story, I think I fit in the key questions. I have to thank Brian, because he was really instrumental in helping identify what those questions were and getting me the reference information that I needed to research it and shape it into a comic book story.

911TN: So there’s a possibility of doing some follow up?

Rick Veitch: Yes, we are talking about it. A lot will depend on what happens financially with the book, if it can support further effort. But there’s a lot more material about 9/11 that we’d like to investigate. One aspect we’d like to focus on is the money trail. A lot of money went missing in the years after 9/11. And all the budget surpluses just disappeared. Now our country is on the verge of fiscal bankruptcy. We also want to cover the Patriot Act. Most people don’t know that there was a pre-9/11 movement to take away our personal freedoms that looked much like the Patriot Act. Personally, I wouldn’t mind going beyond 9/11 and tackling some of the other big lies.

911TN: We’ve seen the rise of a militaristic global paradigm – the “war on terror”, with perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives lost, multiple ongoing occupations, along with the attendant decimation of civil liberties – all based on 9/11. But even many of those who acknowledge every other documented lie that led up to this situation are hesitant to apply the same skepticism to the events of the day that started it all. Why do you think this is?

Rick Veitch: Well it’s kind of like a natural patriotic response. You know, if the governement tells a story that we’re at war with these terrorists, then it must be true. I tend to be more skeptical about those things. I grew up in the 60s, I remember the Pentagon Papers and Watergate and Iran-Contra and the secret bombing of Cambodia and all that mad shit, so I tend to take the official story that the government provides with a grain of salt. That’s my personality and I’m unrepentant.

more at the original source: http://911truthnews.com/rick-veitch-on-911-and-the-big-lie/

be sure to check out the Truth Be Told Comics new interactive citations page: http://truthbetoldcomics.com/?page_id=469

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