Remember Building 7 Launches 10th Anniversary Campaign

source: Remember Building 7    Aug. 19, 2011

Support the 9/11 Families and First Responders As They Call for a New Investigation in the Largest 9/11 Ad Campaign Ever


The 10th Anniversary Campaign will use the unprecedented level of attention and burning desire for truth felt across the world to mobilize thousands of people to donate a total of $1 million between Labor Day and September 11. Remember Building 7 will use that money for an historic nationwide ad campaign in the month of October showing the American people the unmistakable footage of Building 7’s demolition and forcing the mainstream media to finally discuss Building 7.


The campaign will be a three-pronged blitz of TV, print, and out-of-home advertising. New York City subways will be flooded with poster ads while TV ads saturate every major cable channel. Print ads will appear in several national publications and in local newspapers in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas.


You can help reach tens of thousands of people by making this campaign go viral.

  1. Make Your Pledge Now
  2. Visit the Official Event’s Facebook page, click “I’m Attending,” and spread it around on Facebook pages and group’s walls and by sharing it with your friends.
  3. Click the “Like’ button on the top of the website at and follow the campaign on Twitter.


In addition to the 10th Anniversary Campaign, your generous support will help fund the Toronto Hearings, and the production and mailing of AE911Truth’s new feature length documentary, “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out,” and their 15-minute mini-documentary, “Architects & Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7,” to every member of Congress, the New York City Council and the Manhattan District Attorney. Watch the 15-minute mini-documentary now to understand the impact these videos will have in front of the elected representatives who will see them.

Do not miss this unprecedented opportunity to support the most promising 9/11 efforts all at once and make the 10th Anniversary a vital turning point in the pursuit of a new 9/11 investigation.


Thousands of lives lost on 9/11.
Thousands of lives lost since.
Trillions of dollars wasted.
Ten years of policies based on a myth.

Make the 10th Anniversary THE turning point. Make your pledge today.

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