The Day Our Freedom Died – Obama Signs PATRIOT Act Into Law for Four Years

by Layllah Therion   source: Technorati   May 29, 2011

American freedom just suffered two heartbreaking defeats in the span of two days. Yesterday President Obama signed the Patriot Act extension ensuring the FBI will go right on spying and tapping Americans communications. Two days ago the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the IP Protect Act which will allow the government to block websites and search engines accused of “copyright infringement”.

I write this with a heavy heart and tears welling in my eyes. The country I was born and raised in has become a foreign nation overnight. Innocent until proven guilty died a very undignified death, and censorship has rooted itself in virgin territory.

Melodramatic, not if you enjoy reading non-government subsidized media or surfing underground sites. The road to “Big Brother’s” White-house is awash with the blood of our fellow citizens who now have died for an America relegated to the past.

Osama Bin Ladens death doesn’t seem like much of a victory in light of the Patriot Act extension; buying money orders at the bank is still out of the question if you don’t deposit matching funds. I never really understood that aspect of the Patriot Act. How many terrorists buy money orders? Does the average black market arms dealer prefer a traceable check over cash? The track ability is why I like to pay my bills with them, it avoids that annoying phone call from the utility company claiming they didn’t get my payment when in actuality they got it, cashed it, and lost it!

The IP Protect Act sailed through the Senate Judiciary Committee at warp speed, Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat managed to block this freedom killer before it reached the senate for a full vote. Thankfully the act is on hold for now, which will give our people time to mount an effective opposition strategy.

Google, Yahoo, the Computer and Communications Industry Association, have already articulated their reservations, while is circulating letters and petitions calling the bill draconian and over reaching. I call this bill the end of our way of life. When did accusing take the place of charging, trial, and convicting? The accusation of copyright infringement will ban websites until they prove they haven’t broken any laws? Won’t waiting six months for a court date make the proceedings irrelevant? How many web companies can stay afloat while their income streams are frozen?

The scariest part of this IP Protect Act in its present form is, if big corporation A decides competitor B has some copyright offending material on its website one phone call to the attorney general pointing out that fact could be enough to ban company B from the search engines and payment gateways. As I pointed out earlier that will effectively wipe out company B before their innocence has been established. Vindication will not save poor company B’s assets or employee’s and the result will be a grave miscarriage of justice that company A will benefit from.

If one man can change the future, can a handful of united Americans preserve the freedom and rights of the present? If you believe we can, sign the petition here and stop this before it’s too late!

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