CIA Lived Next Door To Bin Laden Since Last Year

Nor Cal Truth  May 7, 2011

We are now being told that the CIA rented out a property next to Bin Laden’s compound and conducted surveillance since late last year. ABC has a news report you may watch here.

Not surprising to me, is that we are being told that the “10 million dollar” operation was a “failure” and that a positive ID was never acquired of Usama by the surveillance team. The CIA team was living next door until the day of the raid according to reports.

If the mission was a success, I would assume there would be photos of Bin Laden at his compound, many of them I imagine would be appropriate to show to the world.

The Independent is trying to figure out more and hunt the CIA spy-house down, apparently.

I think it is a prudent time to remember what FBI translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has said regarding Usama  Bin Laden and the Taliban, that the U.S. maintained “intimate relations” with them “all the way until that day in September 11th.”

The question that I have right now is, “why are we being told about a CIA mission in the first place , let alone one that would violate Pakistan as a sovereign Country – but also one that produced no results and cost US tax-payers 10 million dollars?” The CIA is known for, “neither confirming nor denying” mostly anything, right?

I don’t have the answer, and anyone who says they do is hypothesizing. But this is becoming quite the circus and I imagine the PATRIOT Act renewal will slide right on by during the show. (Lets not be too distracted by Usama news being the point there.)

12 Responses to CIA Lived Next Door To Bin Laden Since Last Year

  1. john mag says:

    You having this garbage like this on this site tells me that this site is Disinfo ! No wonder people are suspicious of you

  2. Brian says:


    What is the “garbage” you talk about?

    There is more than just a sentence on this post.

    And further more, what evidence do YOU HAVE of someone being suspicious of me?

    If they are suspicious that I do NOT buy into the official 9/11 fairytale, then they are right to be suspicious.

  3. bambooboy says:

    have you noticed a “weird” thing about the compound… id est:
    a) it has only one way of getting out (main big door)
    b) no cars (fast cars) or motorbikes appears in the photos

    the most wanted man on earth choose a refuge without any rapid exits.
    I think is weird

    c) in the video with the old man looking at obl video, found in the pc, it’s clearly shown a tv decoder nearby the monitor.
    normally cable tv connection, comes with an internet connection too (in photos of the compound, I do not notice a dish for satellite connection)

    but officially he lived without internet and phone.

    • Brian says:


      The story about him having no phone or internet is the latest reports.

      However he is watching TV. It Looks to be satelite TV. And there is a computer moniter. Could be a satelite link, or simply used as a computer without internet.

      The TV also could possibly be standard cables hardwired in.

      Possibilites are endless really. The photos of the compound are not 360 degreees around, so no assumptions on satelites.

      Something happened in Abbotabod Pakistan. I think we have to go with what they give us, and get on with the hard with we have.

      However using the interest of Bin Laden to catapault our issues into the discussion; WTC 7, Air Defense, NIST, Forknowledge, 9/11 Commission, etc…

      • bambooboy says:


        “Something happened in Abbotabod Pakistan. I think we have to go with what they give us, and get on with the hard with we have.”

        I agree with you.
        I was only remarking the fact that “what they give us” is, as always so…

  4. bambooboy says:


    an EDIT.

    I found a photo showing a dish satellite.
    so that’s over.

    I noticed one more thing:

    a) OBL is left-handed
    b) in the video, he is zapping with right hand

    • Brian says:

      a)according to most accounts

      b) right, I noticed that too. But he is stroking his beard with his left.

      When I grow my beard out I do the same with my “natural” hand.

      • bambooboy says:

        as before, I’m never said I do have the whole truth, I’m just sharing things I notice that to me apperars “mhm???”
        Brainstorming helps, gives other point of view to think about

  5. Kathy Emmer says:

    The facts of bin laden’s death is too obscured to know what to believe. Unlike the plentful evidence disputing the official story about 911, bin laden’s death is completely controlled by the myth makers.
    I say s screw it, let them spin their little stories about a commando raid.
    I’m not voting for Obama again, he’s a liar and the puppet of the greedy capitalists who bin laden wanted to drive out of the middle east.
    God help anyone who gets in their way of acquisition and their insane drive to be multi billionaires.

  6. paul black says:

    Ultimately, the nonsensical SEALs raid story will unravel, and the truth will dribble out in spite of government protests to the contrary and the drum-beating of compliant, well-drilled media. Like 9/11, the holes in the official version will tear the script apart but, also like 9/11, will anyone care? The attitude appears to be: “It was 10 years ago; the world has moved on; let it lie; why worry?”. Well, I bloody well care because the murderous, self-serving bastards behind that day are the same as those who choreographed the Abbottabad farce and are still running the show. And Barack Obama, for all his cringeworthy rhetoric, knows his place in the greater scheme of things and bows to their call.

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