Firehouse 911, the DVD by Firefighters for Firefighters!

Video Flashback from 5/27/10: Proof of Controlled Demolitions on 9/11 by the Experts

source: 9/11 TV    Mar 16, 2010

Firehouse 911 – The 9/11 video by Firefighters for Firefighters.

9/11 TV exclusive! Your $20 donation gets you a copy and ensures 10 American Firehouses will also receive a copy! Our goal is to send this DVD to every Firehouse in America!

Dont be afraid to see more details of the film. Purchase the film here.

Go to Donate for as many copies as you can. Each $20 Donation sends to 10 more Firehouses! That includes DVD, sleeve, envelope, timely message and 44¢ stamp (think NetFlix) all for a donation of only $20.

Donate Now and make this DVD possible. You get the first disc made and your donation ALSO ships the same DVD to 10 firehouses. We’ll start with the big city zip codes and then radiate in concentric circles until we’ve brought the Truth to ALL America.

9/11 TV reminds you that it is exactly 6 months till the Once-in-a-Lifetime 10th anniversary of 9/11 in NY this year.

Today, March 11, 2011, 9/11 TV launches this campaign to get this DVD to every firehouse in America. Your disc will ship before April 11, 2011, at which time we’ll announce our next Eleventh of the Month Activity

Thanks so much for your continued support! –911TV

3 Responses to Firehouse 911, the DVD by Firefighters for Firefighters!

  1. Henry says:

    , I’ll definitely check out the place, eseilpalcy since I’m a firefighter. It’d be cool to see some fire-related beers in there like Hook & Ladder (they donate money to your local burn foundation based on sales), Firehouse Brewing Company, Fire Station 5 Brewing, etc. Guess I had a different vision of the place when I first heard about it and saw the pics.

    • Oman says:

      A Firm says it wants and plans to make a difference and engoeracus its employees to do so.The employees respond and DO. This employee DID. I want to work for a company like that, and I want to be an employee like that.Doug: I really do want to love, and serve, and BE more like you.

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