Interactive 9/11 Memorial is Junk: Uses WTC# 5 Photograph as WTC# 7 and Claims Raging Fire

Brian Romanoff    Nor Cal Truth  Feb 24, 2011

In preparation for the 10th year anniversary of the 9/11 murders, the 9/11 Memorial has put up an online interactive 9/11 timeline. It hasn’t been up more than 24 hours.

I have not had much time to review it, but sure enough I noticed a major fault right away!

The timeline mentions the WTC# 7 “collapse” at 5:20pm and if you click on the images available for that time, you will see 3 pictures – one of them being the one shown below.

The 9/11 Memorial Interactive Timeline that was just put online says that this is a raging fire in WTC 7, however it looks a lot like WTC #5


Lets look at an undisputed picture and video of WTC# 5:

WTC# 5 After the Fires


Notice the vertical beams and arched windows in the pictures and video of WTC# 5? 

Those types of beams and arches are NOT present in WTC# 7 by any means:

The 9/11 Memorial Timeline obviously is a joke for anyone interested in truth. There were no massive fires at WTC#7 and the fires that were alive were not enough to bring any building down in the manner that WTC#7 came down; it was a controlled demolition!

Worse than a joke, this memorial is peddling lies as history.

For a complete timeline that spans more than just the day of 9/11, please visit the Complete 9/11 Timeline.

7 Responses to Interactive 9/11 Memorial is Junk: Uses WTC# 5 Photograph as WTC# 7 and Claims Raging Fire

  1. Brian Good says:

    Good eye, Brian! Yes, that’s WTC 5. The flag poles were on the east side, the Church Street side. I’ve never seen any flag poles around WTC 6.

    Could be that writing to the 9/11 memorial folks in the right tone might even plant the notion in their heads that Hey, those WTC7 fires weren’t as bad as I thought!

    • Brian says:

      Thanks Brian,

      And I was attemptig to have AE911Truth release a press statement regarding this obvious mistake, but I dont think that idea is catching on.


    • Rodrigo says:

      Congrats Devin! And good luck!! Bob and I hope we can make it to India to share in your adventure for at least a litlte while. You were a beautiful bride and the wedding was amazing. Miss you!

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