Is A Permanent “Patriot” Act Coming?

Nor Cal Truth    Feb 6, 2011

The AP notes:

Top Senate Republicans called Friday for the three powers to be made permanent — a step rejected in the original law in favor of “sunsets” to ensure regular reviews by Congress to ferret out possible abuse.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said doing so would give US intelligence and law enforcement officials “the highest degree of operational certainty that’s practicable.”

Interestingly enough, Mitch McConnell is making $$ yearly from groups like FOX news, Raytheon, and the Heritage Foundation. All three are incredibly suspect when comparing motive of function to necessity of function. 

Mitch McConnell’s net worth has skyrocketed from under $8 million ending 2007 to $20 million starting 2011. His State’s economic outlook is not as good as his, which brings up the obvious question of who Mr. McConnell is working for. Furthermore, as a member of the “U.S.” Chamber of Commerce, he was involved with trying to keep the 9/11 first responders from receiving more adequate healthcare.

Here are some perspectives from others against this draconian law:

9 Responses to Is A Permanent “Patriot” Act Coming?

  1. maybe mitch is being set up to be the next president?

    • Brian says:


      I sure hope not, though I would not be surprised. If they follow the pattern then Obama has one term followed by a Rep. heavyweight, probably sponsered by the Bush/Kissinger clans.

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  3. Justin says:

    There is a public poll here: which will be forwarded to your respective congressman. If you want to change something, vote and spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and so on. There is not much time left.

    • Brian says:


      I just registered and voted. Thanks for the link, I will make sure to spread as well as I can…
      any chance you know the timeline we have left?

  4. […] is a little time left. Keep very close track of its movements here,  and also know that there are efforts to make this legislation permanent. Read the complete bill here, or just a summary […]

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mitch McConnell is the driving force behind everything in the Republican party. He’s bade them to use the most inhumane tactics in turning our Congress into all-out war. He wants nothing short of a one-party state: The Republican Party, funded entirely by global corporate interests, who will make slaves of us in the USA. He wants to be Machiavelli’s Prince, he follows the 48 Rules of Power, he is evil and has to be taken down. He is one of the largest driving forces behind all the evil we’ve seen in Congress since he was elected.

    If you want to fix the government, the very first step would be to depose and prosecute Mitch McConnell for all he’s done. He’s the hand that guides the Party to the Architect’s ideals.

    • Nutan says:

      History abounds with fualires of gov’t agencies to protect the people they were supposed to protect. Every year private testing groups find toys with lead and other banned chemicals that get past the Consumer Products Safety Commission despite stricter regs. People die from E coli missed by the Dept of Agriculture inspectors. Let’s not go to the SEC which hasn’t prevented the most obvious fraud, even when presented with evidence, i.e Bernie Madoff, Michael Milken, etc.

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