Aidan Monaghan on “9/11 In Context” on Resistance Radio

by Todd Fletcher   source 9/11 Blogger     Jan 19, 2011

On this week’s “9/11 In Context” show, which airs Thursday, January 20, at 3pm ET, I will interview researcher Aidan Monaghan, who has investigated the 9/11 flights in great detail with important results. Aidan has also filed a wide range of FOIA requests from government agencies and filed lawsuits seeking information related to the 9/11 attacks. Today’s discussion will focus on Aidan’s impressive research into the autopilot technology available for 757s and 767s at the time of the attacks, contradictory black box information provided by government agencies, and other unusual circumstances related to the flights.

Listen live at:

or listen to the mp3 which is available at the same link right after the broadcast.

Click “Play” or click on “Download” under the show title (“Aidan Monaghan …”).

A page of links to key articles by Aidan Monaghan is posted at the Resistance Radio forum show page, at…

Don’t miss the show! It is sure to be worthwhile.

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