Favorable KTVU News Coverage Uses NorCalTruth Video Upload; Grandmother Arrested During PG&E SmartMeter Protest

Nor Cal Truth    Jan 15, 2010

KTVU used some of the above footage in their news segment from the Jan 11th protest  – click here to watch their news segment from that evening.

Many of you might not know that SmartGrid will require you to purchase new appliances for your home:

What additional expenditures will be required on the consumer end?
In order to get the purported benefits of smart meters, consumers will purchase their own communications devices, computers, high-speed internet, special thermostats, appliance chips and other automated equipment. The cost of retrofitting or replacing existing appliances alone will be astronomical.

Without the expenditures, consumers will not see any difference from the new meters except higher electric bills.

Look at this review by Emeter.com:

The full vision requires integrating smart meter data applications, and then linking smart appliances to a Home Area Network (HAN) so that utilities can automatically send price data to appliances.

Bluetooth, a wireless technology developer, knows it and wants in – casually admitting how you will have even less control of your OWN HOME:

In its next stage, smart energy will also allow the utilities, or an energy broker within the home, to turn off high energy-consuming appliances where necessary to balance the grid. That implies an internal network within the home, which is probably wireless, which connects these devices to the smart meter. 

As the lifetime of the meter is likely to be greater than the complete history of any of the wireless standards that exist today, that’s a tough proposition.  But it’s where Bluetooth technology comes into its own.

Below is the KTVU  text report in full:

Resistance to PG&E controversial SmartMeters heated up in the North Bay Tuesday when a 61-year-old grandmother spent six hours in jail after blocking a truck carrying the devices in Rohnert Park.  

Sebastopol resident Deborah Tavares told KTVU she was not an activist and had never been arrested before the Tuesday incident.

Tavares is a land developer and — after her run in with the law during a protest against PG&E’s SmartMeters — a grandmother with a misdemeanor arrest record.

The 61-year-old Tavares and a second woman from Novato were arrested by Rohnert Park police Tuesday morning as they and a group of about a dozen other protesters blocked a semi-truck delivering SmartMeters to a company that installs them for PG&E.

“I’m an American citizen. I have four grandchildren. They are getting killed with this radiation,” Tavares was heard saying in amateur video of the protest and arrest.

The meters are part of a national and international conversion to a “smart grid” in which power use can be measured and controlled by radio frequency.

But critics remain unconvinced that the pulses radiating from the meters are safe for long-term exposure. Many residents want the ability to opt-out of using the SmartMeters.

“It’s danger on a stick. It’s stealth, it’s deceptive, and folks don’t know,” said Tavares. “We’re losing our freedoms.”

Some of those residents in Marin County have become more vocal recently, packing public meetings, blocking installers and shutting down a PG&E office in San Rafael office for several hours by blocking the entrance.

“I know they’re saying it’s a lot less than cell phones. There are studies that say that’s not the case,” argued Tavares. “And with cell phones, you have a choice. This is not by choice.” 

Tavares urged other utility customers to resist installation until their doubts are satisfied.

She pointed out another fact that many PG&E customers might not be aware of: once SmartMeters have been installed at a home, PG&E follows up with mandatory installation of smaller outlets and smaller appliances.

“I believe folks should have a choice,” said Tavares. “They have a right to make a choice. They have a right to decide.”

PG&E continues to insist that smart meters are a safe and reliable improvement over the old meters.

Tavares promised the protests will continue.

Please visit these sites for more coverage and information regarding the dangers of, and actions against the “SmartMeters”:




More information in video format below:

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