More Witness Accounts of Explosions

Nor Cal Truth   Dec 22, 2010

If the towers had collapsed, we would have heard firemen saying, “the building collapsed”. Instead we heard words like; explosion, blew, erupted. It is not like all the eyewitness’ were using the wrong adjectives on 9/11/01. Thanks to ICSD911

“..they just blew, the tower blew…”  – Fireman

“…a huge explosion now raining debris on all of us. We better get out-of-the-way……”  – ABC News Reporter

“..then, suddenly the second tower erupted right before our eyes…”  – ABC News Narrator

“…I thought we should get in there, but then the explosion on the South World Trade happened…”- Firefighter

“…then again a second explosion…” – Firefighter

Would you like more examples? Click here and here and here.

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