The Fearfully Changing World of Schools After 9/11

Nor Cal Truth     Dec 21, 2010

Recently an architect called for keeping terrorism and fear in mind when planning an urban development. The media everyday reminds us of “terrorists” and that we should be alert, vigilant and willing to be groped for our safety. How many times are the FBI really just setting up young, desperate,  dark-skinned men as opposed to actually stopping a “terror plot”?

Well, here are some excerpts from an article I found recently detailing a few changes in the school’s safety apparatus since 9/11. The article comes from Walden University. Lets take a look:

According to, several schools were unprepared for terrorist threats on U.S. soil before 9/11….

Many school emergency plans around the country were useless to the children because they did not address terrorism specifically.

Since 9/11, safety drills in schools have become more frequent….

New safety programs seek to identifying different types of emergencies, such as domestic terrorism, nuclear accidents, hostage situations, bomb threats and student violence. Schools nationwide have implemented stronger police-school-community partnerships and more cost-effective security measures during national security terror level alerts.

Some parents may feel intimidated or apprehensive when they see additional law enforcement or metal detectors placed in schools. Schools are protecting children from the worst case scenarios, such as terrorist or bomb threats, sniper attacks and bomb detonations. They are also protecting the school against other students that could harm or pose a threat to students and faculty. Since 9/ 11, not only terrorist attacks have become a possibility, so has student violence and the increased threat for biological terrorism.

Since 9/11 more preventative measures have been established. Cameras that track the footage of most areas of the school premises are common. School lock-down procedures during which no child or adult is allowed to enter or exit the building establishes better safety procedures. Diligence and an increased awareness….have been some of the most beneficial changes in promoting safety awareness in schools since 9/11.

Of course it is all ok and benefits the children, the students and the teachers:

The benefit of educational institutions teaching their students how to be safe helps make schools safer and parents and teachers aware of possible signs of dangerous or suspicious activity.

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