Fallen or Pushed? Video Shows Object Interfering With Man Escaping Burning WTC on 9/11.

Nor Cal Truth    Dec 11, 2010

The YouTube user IranContraScumdid911 has posted another very interesting video.

For a month or two the web has been abuzz about an explosion off to the side of a man escaping the WTC. It is clear that a large object comes out of the window, and naturally now people are talking about what it might have been.

But while we were all watching that – we missed something else. Something is obviously interfering with the man as he scales down the wall of the burning WTC.

You must view this in the Full Screen mode to see what is happening.

The conversation that has developed is, “could this have been a fireman or another person trying to rescue the man climbing down?”  The object seems to protrude too quickly to be a rescue attempt, however it is not the clearest video ever. If it was a fireman attempting a rescue I would also expect to see a fireman’s hat, head and arms as they put their lives on the line to save another. The object appears to go back into the window after interfering with the man, it then flails out of the window just after the man begins to fall…

More and more thought brings me to the thought that the possibility exists: This man was pushed to his death.

Yes, this is what speculating looks like. And until I have more answers – I will ask the questions.

If you have a large screen with good image potential, you should also see this post about the man who was killed by an explosion in the South Tower as the plane hits the North Tower.

2 Responses to Fallen or Pushed? Video Shows Object Interfering With Man Escaping Burning WTC on 9/11.

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