Opting Out of “Smart”Meter is not an Option: PG&E, CPUC Plan to Roll Over Citizen, City Demands

Nor Cal Truth     Nov 30, 2010

The following video documents the latest efforts by California citizenry in blocking and slowing the “Smart”Meter installations:

As reported by others for a long time, PG&E is not accepting “opt outs”. The proper term is “deferment” or “delaying” as opt out is not an option in the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) mandates that PG&E is following blindly.

Reported a year ago in the San Jose Mercury News and carried by others including TURN:

Some consumers have been stunned to learn that SmartMeters are mandatory: There’s no way to opt out of getting one. The meters, as well as the wires and pipes that lead up to them, are PG&E property, and the utility says it has the regulatory authority to install and maintain them.

PG&E will eventually show up to customers doors with law enforcement to make sure that the “Smart”Meters are installed. This could become tricky, especially in WatsonvilleSanta Cruz County or Fairfax, Ca where city ordinances have been passed banning PG&E from installing the new technology.

Watsonville has stepped up to the plate by issuing a ticket to PG&E with a fine of $100.00.

A Watsonville building official smacked PG&E with a $100 fine this week for installing a SmartMeter – likely the first citation the utility has received since several California cities began banning the controversial technology.

City officials say PG&E installed the SmartMeter at the Register-Pajaronian in Watsonville, in violation of the city’s Aug. 24 moratorium on new installations. A newspaper employee, city officials say, made the report, which the city followed up on Wednesday.

SmartMeters, which record energy use and wirelessly transmit the readings, have been criticized as inaccurate and possible health hazards. Several California jurisdictions, including Watsonville, Capitola and the county of Santa Cruz, have put in place moratoriums even as PG&E is committed to getting the technology in all customer homes by 2012.

The PG&E “Smart”Meter fire is not out yet nor does it appear to be anytime soon.

Attempts to slow and block installation are happening throughout the state. Efforts have been documented in Scotts Valley,  Santa Cruz County, and Marin County and beyond.

Sonoma County also has been active.

On October 28th a video entitled “Fly-By-Night” featured a large group of people at a local Wellington office in Rohnert Park, Ca ready to block the trucks carrying “Smart”Meters. Mysteriously the entire parking lot and building had been emptied, the activists were left confused and wondering how Wellington might have known what was coming.

A little over a week later it was discovered that the senior director of PG&E’s SmartMeter program was spying on activists who were active against the “Smart”Meters:

A PG&E executive who oversees the utility’s SmartMeter program has admitted using a false name to try to join an online group opposed to the meters and secretly monitoring other online forums critical of PG&E.

The disclosure by William Devereaux, senior director of PG&E’s SmartMeter program, is likely to be yet another public relations disaster for the utility, which is eager to overcome widespread resistance to its SmartMeter program even as it seeks to restore public trust in the wake of the deadly San Bruno gas pipeline explosion.

He resigned, however the activists fighting for health and privacy rights have not. The same group of people were back on Nov 22, 2010 as witnessed above or by clicking here.

It seems important to me that cities continue to pass ordinances and laws against installations; citizens must be involved.

The cities must continue to assert their rights as Watsonville has by issuing citations to PG&E.

That will play a part in the larger role of pressuring the CPUC to give us all the option of saying “no“.

After that we could hope for the slowing or halting of the “Smart”  program altogether.

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