Sonoma County Bomb Squad meets Nor Cal Truth

Nor Cal Truth     Nov 23, 2010

“Keep up the good work” comment by SWAT officer made it all worth it.

I happened to stumble upon a SWAT and Bomb Squad training in Santa Rosa, Ca on Nov. 6th. I set up a small make-shift “truth-booth” with camera and tried to politely hand out information. After 3 hours, about 6 packets were taken by officials …  better than none.

They had a building cordoned off and it seems they do this regularly for training purposes.

I have nothing against training, but I hope they all remember to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreighn AND DOMESTIC in these incredibly corrupt times.

We are 10 years at war from a false–flag terror attack known as 9/11. Lets end the war, prosecute the criminals and have a happy and healthy community!

For techinical information regarding the collapse of the 3 high rise buildings on 9/11 please visit:

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth  

Support the 9/11 Victims Family Members calls for a new 9/11 investigation – please visit:

And please visit the Firefighters for 9/11 Truth

3 Responses to Sonoma County Bomb Squad meets Nor Cal Truth

  1. Coil Coyle says:

    Nice work, Brian.
    I’m back in Sebastopol and look forward to helping out with an action.

  2. Awesome video! Thanks for all you hard work!

  3. jukit says:

    Top Cat,

    Hope your brilliant 9/11 message rubbed off on those insane losers in those silly uniforms

    Here`s some song selections for you for your videos:

    Homer Henderson “Lee Harvey was a friend of mine” (lip sync with video of a young Oswald? ~ “they say he shot the president but I don`t think he did” ~ neither do millions of others Homer)

    Tommy Cash “6 white horses” (live)

    John Fogarty “long dark road” and “no more” (live)

    Yikes Mcgee “the liar” {live about Bush}

    Junior Parker = “taxman”

    Jimmy Vaughn “down with big brother” (live 2008)

    Canned Heat “lets work together” (live)

    Gene Pitney “town without pity” (record)

    Ralph and Carter Stanley (Stanley Brothers) “mountain dew” (record 1940s with old moonshine still show)

    Never mind the affliction
    Bopperism is the cure

    jukit babalu

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