Two 9/11 First Responders Die of Cancer Within one Week of Court Settlement

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Nor Cal Truth  Nov 21, 2010

This article from NY Daily News details the passing of another NYPD officer due to  9/11 related health effects:

The sacrifice of a cancer-stricken city cop laid to rest Tuesday was held aloft by union leaders in the push to aid ill Ground Zero responders.

“He died from a rare cancer that literally ate his face,” Lynch said, flanked by other officers. “The young man that joined this police department withered away and died because he was willing to put his life on the line and respond on Sept. 11 – and not leave until our job was done.”

Lynch was supposed to be in Washington with other members of the New York delegation to press for passage of a bill that would help the families of injured Ground Zero heroes like Mahmoud.

Mahmoud died after contracting a rare cancer of the nasal passages that required disfiguring surgery to remove his nose.

“It is very difficult for us,” his brother, Hashem, said. “But David isn’t the only one. There are others like him and they should be looked up to.”

The following article from Newsday is from just after the court settlement:

Robert Ehmer of East Meadow had planned to use his share of the settlement for Ground Zero rescue and recovery workers to pay for treatment that his Medicare insurance wouldn’t cover, his sister Annette Ehmer said.

Ehmer, a 20-year New York City police officer, lost a three-year battle with kidney cancer Sunday, dying at the Hospice Inn in Melville. He was 47.

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