Richard Gage at Sonoma State Unversity Nov. 9th

I made this flyer last night, you may click on it then save it and print if you are local and want to hand them out.

Nor Cal Truth     Nov 7, 2010

Richard Gage, AIA founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth  will be visiting Sonoma State University for another dynamic presentation hosted by the hard-working folks at Project Censored.  

The presentation will shine light on the attacks of 9/11/01 for those who have not revisited the subject in a while and skeptics are encouraged to ask questions afterwords. Richard Gage is backed by over 1,300 other architects and engineers that look at the science behind the 3 building collapses on 9/11; their research says that controlled demolitions were used on World Trade Center #1, #2 and #7.

Cooperage is on the Sonoma State University Campus.

Directions to Sonoma State University can be found here.

Directions to Cooperage can be found here.

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