Jesse Ventura on the Dennis Miller Show Discusses 9/11

by Brian Romanoff    Nor Cal Truth    Oct 24, 2010

Dennis Miller seems to get caught up in the question of “who did it”,  in reference to questioning 9/11. Why do so many people end up with that question? My thoughts are:

1) Easy answers are desired in this day and age. People “don’t have time” to do their own research. Look at the lack of research by every individual into what they vote on in their local elections.  “Without a lead, it’s hard to follow.”

2) Perception; Threshold levels. Saying, “controlled demolitions took down our towers, and the Bin Laden group or Saddam did it” is one thing, but saying “controlled demolitions took down our towers, and our own officials, or intelligence apparatus were involved” is another. This is just how we have been conditioned, and thankfully, looking into 9/11 really helps break that very conditioning!

3) Subconsciously, and maybe even slightly consciously, Dennis Miller and others know that controlled demolitions is a more reasonable cause of the buildings collapses’ than a fire from a plane crash. Maybe they saw Loose Change I or II, maybe they have had conversations with friends, maybe they heard Richard Gage or Steven Jones, or Jesse Ventura, or Alex Jones talk about 9/11 before. Essentially they are asking “who” because “what” might be slightly established, albeit unrecognizable to them, in their own mind.*

 *Furthermore, by answering that question, Jesse (or whoever is in this situation) should proceed with care; you are within feet of helping someone form a decision. An answer that the person doesn’t like will throw them back from understanding, or agreeing with your point because it may seem implausible, irrational, or disagreeable. If Jesse had answered Dennis quickly with, “maybe George  Bush did it” than Dennis could just as quickly say, “Bush didn’t have the brains”, which is a  rational response.

I am sure that there are more reasons. Feel free to let me know if you have some ideas why people seem to get caught up with, “who?”

5 Responses to Jesse Ventura on the Dennis Miller Show Discusses 9/11

  1. Yes, you are correct about the ‘conditioning’ and the ‘subconsciously’ issues. It is difficult, indeed, to make allowances for the fact that the powers which control this nation would benefit from the entire horrific event. Folks just don’t want to go there—-because if you go there, everything begins to resemble a house of cards, complete with a sleight-of-hand magician, looking very much like Dick Cheney.

    So, it is easy to remain stuck on the ‘who.’ One answer I have for people who are wavering is to point out the many videos showing explosions—–
    Then I ask them, ‘So what about all these explosions?
    If planes flew into the buildings, you aren’t going to get explosions because of that, are you? Who planted all the explosives?’

    Most people get a far away look, and don’t say anything…….

    • Brian says:


      I try to stick with the simple stuff too. Air defense gone for an hour and a half, WTC 7, explosions, etc…

      It seems that that what Jesse was doing, although less specifically, and Dennis just had to keep asking “who”.

      Thanks John

  2. Poet says:

    In answer to your question (Feel free to let me know if you have some ideas why people seem to get caught up with, “who?”) -well first, it’s the same thing with the JFK murder, and for the same reason. An easy answer is easy to dismiss. I give you an easy answer, and you don’t have to THINK; you can just wave it off if you don’t like it. And that’s why.
    Sylvia Meagher wrote one of the earliest JFK books, which is still considered a classic in that field; and she had this to say: People want to know who did it; we don’t know, we don’t have the resources to discover who gave the order and that’s not our job; our job is to examine what the government tells us to see if it’s true. (I can’t find my book at the moment, so that’s my poor paraphrase; her own words are much better and well worth looking up).

    I think “who did it” is a stupid question -how am I supposed to know? Like Cheney or Bush will confide the REAL truth to me if I went up and asked them? None of us have the money, power or influence to get the puppet masters to give us an honest answer. And gosh, maybe they don’t want to go to jail for conspiracy or murder. “Who did it”, is a way to change the subject -from objective facts (in both cases) to arguable speculation; period.


  3. africanwarrior says:

    If people would stop guessing at the who or the why, and focus all the emphasis on the “How” we could make headway.

    Guessing who did it and why just detracts from that core issue.

    It is clearly an Historical improbability that some how these are the only buildings to collapse from any kind of fire before or since.

    Jessie needs to go out and find a pilot skilled in fly such aircraft that says it could be done, then put them on the air trying to do it in a simulator, then when they fail like all who attempted it in the past you will dispel the Governments mythical conspiracy theory.

    Show the people that this feat would be impossible by skilled pilots, and they will no longer believe that those with zero such skills could have accomplished three precision strikes like those on 9/11.

    Once that theory has been disproved, the rest will unravel.

    Those who claim that nothing short of massive amounts of explosives could do it, are unknowingly admitting that a Ryder truck could not have destroyed the Murrow bldg. in the OKC bombing.

    There are people sitting on death row with less evidence against them.

    To think a hand full of cave dwelling goat-herders pulled off the most skilled and intricate attack in history is just plain ludicrous.

    If one can first get others to admit that impossibility, the battle is half won.

    • Brian says:

      Right indeed.

      I also find it interesting about the “who’s” but I am at that level. Most people want easy answers for all the toughest questions, it’s a shame. At least understand a little of the debate and arguments…Dennis Miller shows a complete ignorance to the subect.

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