Manny Badillo at the 9/11/2010 Memorial Ceremony

source: 9/11 Blogger   Sep 17, 2010

Manny Badillo Sends Message of Truth to Millions at the 9/11 Anniversary Memorial Ceremony:

2 Responses to Manny Badillo at the 9/11/2010 Memorial Ceremony

  1. Utkarsh says:

    Hi, my name is Natalie Wang. i don’t know if you heard about the ongoing lianuetent munoz case wich he was charged with double rape and triple murder. but the evidences found on the two rape victims, only one surviving girl’s evideence was proved to be that lianuetent’s semen. so the worst case senario would very much likely to be that he will be charged with one rape, but get away murders of three Torres children. if that happens, what do you think it will influence women and children’s life in colombia especially those who are affected by warring factions?? thanks a million if you could answer this question!

  2. a powerful group controls things. How much they control depends on how big your conspiracy needs to be.Rule 3. If you repeat a lie enough it becomes the truth.Rule 4. Repeat your lie every chance you get.Rule 5. If there are official reports – tear them apart. Most people will never read them so there is no need to quote them accurately.Rule 6. If someone calls you on misquotes attack them, and question their qualification to even discuss the subject.Rule 7. Enlist seemingly qualified professionals who, because of the 10% rule, share your ideology. People are impressed by social tags like PhD, M.A., and people who wore a badge once. Don't worry, you still do not have to offer any concret evidence of your own, all you have to do is hide behind your small stable of "experts".Rule 8. Repeat your lies.Rule 9. Create a counter story. Blurry photos and videos can be used as "evidence" in the court of public opinion. When actual experts shred your evidence, claim they are part of the cover-up. Remember, there is no reason that you cannot include yourself and your group as victims of the conspiracy.Rule 10. You need a set of connected villians. Use 3 Degrees of Kevin Bacon as a model. You need to link your villians to eachother and : The military idustrial complex, Jews, the CIA, British Intelligence, Big Oil, and the mass media.Rule 11 (optional). Chicks who buy into conspiracies will probably have sex with you. It will be lousy, uninspiring sex, but you get to stick your weenie into a vagina (first time for everything, right?). If you can't score after one of your cuases rallies you're probably a sad-sack loser like Brian,

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