For the First Time in History: The Third Light Beam for WTC 7

Nor Cal Truth   Sep 12, 2010  (updated Sep 13, 2010)

To everyone who helped organize, donate and facilitate this project: CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU! 

If you are’nt familiar with the destruction of World Trade Center#7 on  9/11/01,  please click here.


The picture above comes from a We Are Change post. 

Photo (left to right): Manny Badillo from NYC CAN, Barbara Honnegar and Richard Gage, AIA founder of AE911Truth


Richard Gage, Barbara Honegger, Manny Badillo, and Stephen White, together last night, where able to bring attention to World Trade Center Building 7, with the third light.

Here is the Press Release if you have not seen it yet.

A message from Richard Gage, AIA:

The third beam went on at 9:11pm without a hitch! 200 people in the street with signs marveling at the 3rd beam from the perspective from the conference — where all three beams were shown in alignment. It was awesome!

We had our folks calling the media saying “what is that third beam in the sky?” It was up for 2 hours. Then the big twin tower beams went off! So we packed up ours because it didn’t make sense to have just one beam in the sky. Then – theirs went back on again! Oh well.

We had a helicopter circle by but no real issues of police action, and no media showing up despite the press release and earlier suggestions at the NYC press conference. We hope the media will be covering the event on Monday.

For coverage from our supporters see:

Huge thanks to the inspiration, dedication, logistical support, and financing — all from the wonderful Barbara Honnegar! Please support Barbara and AE911Truth with a donation to help us cover the costs for this vital awareness campaign for Building 7.

Richard Gage, AIA
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

35 Responses to For the First Time in History: The Third Light Beam for WTC 7

  1. […] For the First Time in History: The Third Light Beam for WTC 7 « Norcaltruth says: September 12, 2010 at 11:04 AM […]

  2. wibren says:

    i love it!!!

  3. greenback says:

    What a great idea. The image is powerful.

  4. FDNY343 says:

    How disrespectful can the Truth movement get. Those lights are not for the buildings that fell, but to commemorate the lives of those that were lost in those towers. Nobody died in 7WTC.

    • wibren says:

      no disrespect is meant by the truth movement. numerous family members of the victims support the truth movement and welcome the third light beam. they are not satisfied with the 9/11 commission report, that left most of their questions unanswered. if you want to do these family members a favour: support our the demand for a new, independent, thorough investigation with subpoena power!

    • Brian says:

      @ FDNY343

      According to Barry Jennings, who was interviewed on live TV on 9/11, there were people that died in World Trade Center #7. You may or may not believe his testimony but I do.

      We all lost something on 9/11.

      We are losing American soldiers everyday to the war that is based upon the lies of 9/11. One lie is that the destruction of World Trade Center #7 was nothing important. In fact the destruction of World Trade Center #7 undermines the entire story of 9/11, and it is because of this that is has been kept censorred by the media.

      We are aiming to bring light and truth to our Country Mr. supposed FDNY343. You don’t like it – than you can follow another blog.

    • Kevin says:

      As for ‘disrespectful’, how about the federal government who has attempted for 9yrs. now to cover up the truth in the mass murder of 2,976 Americans??

    • Malc says:

      The “disrespectful” Truth movement? The only disrespect is that shown by someone who claims to be a NY firefighter trying to quash investigations into the deaths of those who died on 911 – including firefighters.

      • Brian says:

        Don’t worry about him, he is not really a firefighter…then or now.

        He is just around to cause trouble and make people angry.

        I could delete it…..but, well maybe I will.

        • Hoangthi says:

          Beth Posted on I go with’ Live each day as if it were your last. Ok, we can’t go skydiving every day, but I try not to wait too long for the big payfof.

        • Badazz says:

          If you set aside the time to experience this.. You may come away from it.. chagned in some way. If you treat it like disaster porn.. then you get nothing.. Honestly, that is the main reason that it is on DVD It is distinctly different from anything that day, to this day.. However, you will never know by handling it like footage. . It is not mere footage. It is an experience that stands alone from that day that needs no intro. . and or overdubbed narration. By itself it stands

        • Candace says:

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        • What a great resource this text is.

        • Jetsyn says:

          How can the QuotesChimp get away with this? Simple. The language of the insurance contract permits them to do it, and inadequate enforcement by most state insurance departments doesn’t stop the companies from wielding the ax in an unfair and ca�pricious manner.

    • wibren says:

      thank you so much for this great image. we need this kind of visibility. when the press ignores this they confirm their silent complicity.

      • Ria says:

        You know, I confess, I’m not a fan of Twitter-ing. Seems a bit nasscrsiitic to me. Do I really need to know what you’re thinking all the time, what you just ate, where you’re heading now, what’s on your TV? I don’t think so. But this – now this is a great use of the same kind of technology.I guess that Paul guy was right. EVERYTHING can be redeemed huh?

  5. RBanks1 says:

    So, a publicity stunt on the anniversary of 9/11 just to get attention, and to sell more DVD’s, Tee-Shirts, and 9/11 Truth Coffee Mugs. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You are not going to further the cause you believe in by showing such blatant disrespect towards the victims and their families with stunts like this.

    • wibren says:

      no offence towards the victims or their families was meant. do you have any suggestions how to further our cause?

      • RBanks1 says:

        I do have some suggestions. The divisions and infighting amongst the various 9/11 Truth factions must stop airing their dirty laundry of internal disagreements in public forums. The various factions of the movement need to set aside their pet theories of what happened that day, and work together to combine all of the pertinent research and evidence collectively from all 9/11 researchers, and nail down a case based on what can be proven. Then, we should present the best evidence from all sources to the appropriate legal counsel, and let the evidence speak for itself. No more publicity stunts that waste money. The money is better spent on an agressive, proactive strategy that will have tangible real world results.

        • Brian says:

          The evidence does speak for itself RBanks. It is now a matter of a media blackout.

          Not only was the third beam a memorial in my eyes, it was a beautiful demonstration of people power, as well as an informative action.

          I’m sorry you don’t agree.

          Thanks for the feedback.

        • Yuliya says:

          Is it possible to cleclot the gas?? I thought it will get mixed into the atmosphere and it would not be possible to differentiate that gas from the rest…On that Delhi one I don’t think it can be animated unless CNN-IBN risks to show fake news???On that pink one even I had the same doubt. But that thing in fact folded itself didn’t it? That’s where I got a doubt…

    • Brian says:

      @ RBanks1

      Family members…World Trade Center #7?

      Yes the family members know about Building #7. The man pictred in this post, Manny Badillo is a family member!!!

      No shirts for sale here. But I will send you a DVD…for free to you at a cost to me if you want.

      • RBanks1 says:

        Here’s where you are wrong. You are saying that the beam put up by Mr. Gage represents WTC7, and nobody was killed in WTC7. Well, the beams of light that evening were not about buildings, they were about people. Some families are indeed a part of the 9/11 Truth movement, but most, are not. The ones who are not see this as a publicity stunt to boost website hits and in turn sell more “keepsake” 9/11 items. They see this as profiteering of the worst kind.

        • Brian says:

          But people did die in Building #7 according to Barry Jennings, who was in the building and interviewed on TV on 9/11.

          I think a Secret Service agent perished in WTC #7 as well.

  6. […] censorship, Wired Magazine covered the lights memorial on 9/11 without saying anything about the 3rd light beam.. So far, not one media outlet has reported on the incredible addition of  a 3rd beam of light […]

  7. […] from Florida 2 of the 4 spotlights up to NYC for.  The other 2 spotlights came from upstate NY. Also, please take a look at these short videos regarding WTC Building 7 and pass it on to other […]

    • George says:

      Patty, sweet fiend, thank you for linking to me! I have eoynjed linking up to your blog over the past months and really have learned so much from you. I look forward to your next adventures in photography, but mostly I look forward to just seeing you here in this place. I am blessed to know you in person as well and I am thankful to have made such a wonderful new friend in you through Photo a la {M}ode. Thank you for extending that friendship and for sharing your expertise in photography. I have eoynjed learning how to rock manual mode with you!xoxoAmy

  8. ResearchGuy says:

    Barry Jennings might have stepped over bodies, but that doesn’t mean those people were killed in the collapse of Building 7. In fact, it should be obvious that it means they died earlier; otherwise, how could he have been in the building stepping over them? I have read a claim that those bodies were the bodies of people who jumped from the twin towers.

    As for RBanks1, citizen efforts are always going to be messy. “Airing the dirty laundry of internal disagreements” is a strange way to characterize public debate about what really happened on 9/11. The fact that there is disagreement about exactly what happened is not the reason we have not gained more traction. The promotion of ridiculous theories, many of them no doubt seeded by agents of the cover-up and repeated uncritically in the Internet echo chamber, is a big part of the reason we have not gained more traction. With all that said, I agree with your suggestion for doing something that would make a bigger difference. What are you doing towards that project?

  9. ResearchGuy says:

    “the bodies of people who jumped from the twin towers.” — I meant to add that they had been moved inside the building out of respect. That was the claim, anyway, which seems reasonable to me.

  10. […] We hope the media will be covering the event on Monday. For coverage from our supporters see: Huge thanks to the inspiration, dedication, logistical support, and financing – all from the […]

  11. […] We had a helicopter circle by but no real issues of police action, and no media showing up despite the press release and earlier suggestions at the NYC press conference. We hope the media will be covering the event on Monday. For coverage from our supporters see: […]

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