WTC Detonations Finally Revealed: Int. Center 9/11 Studies FOIA Results

In the recently released clip showing an explosive ejection of mass, you can watch one of these streamers as it appears to peel from a column in a straight line…
then that straight line ignites, like a cutter charge:

The above is from the comments section of the story below, I recommend visiting the source sometime to review all the comments.

by: BoneZ   source: 9/11 Blogger  Sep 6, 2010

Recently, there was a post on 9/11 Blogger (here) with videos released by NIST. I took the video with the audible detonations and ran it through an audio editor as the audio was very low and only worked in the right channel (speaker) and had no left channel audio. I raised the audio and changed the stereo output to mono so that the audio can be heard in both speakers.

I then added some witness testimony to corroborate what we are hearing:

There absolutely can be no doubt about what the witnesses heard, and what we can see and hear in these collapse videos. It’s time for an international investigation into 9/11.

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