Smoke and Explosions at the Ground Levels of WTC on 9/11

by Nor Cal Truth        Sep 1, 2010

The following video contains footage of the South Tower’s “collapse”. Before the debris hits the ground, you will see an explosion in the foreground of the South Tower. The explosion seems to continue into a second, more powerful explosion: It may also be multiple, succesive explosions – it is hard to tell. Conveniently, the ground-level explosion’s dust and debris is, within seconds, smothered by the dust and debris from the South Tower’s “collapse”.

The following video is from before the “collapse” of the South Tower. Notice the extreme damage to the area of the parking lot near the walkway, the same area as the video above but minutes before the “collapse”. The video then shows a photograph of smoke billowing out of the ground floor of the South Tower well before the collapse. 

This clip below also shows smoke from the ground level rising – before the collapse of any tower on 9/11!  You will also notice molten metals (likely steel), dripping from the face of the South Tower just before it “collapses”. Red Flag; molten metals could not be formed by jet-fuel induced fires, period.

We owe it to ourselves, the world, the victims of 9/11/01 and the ensuing global war to expose the truths of 9/11.

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