Blue Cross Hang up with 9/11 Victim Story adds more Evidence of Low Level Explosions at WTC

by Brian Romanoff     Nor Cal Truth    Aug 14, 2010

The following selections come from a news story about a woman who was injured on 9/11, and is being denied compensation for her injuries by the Blue Cross, for whom she worked:

At exactly 17 minutes to 9 o’clock on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Marie Luzzicone gave her boss a wave and stepped alone into an elevator on the 19th floor of Tower 1 in the World Trade Center.The door closed, and Marie “felt like we hit rock.”

A month shy of nine years later, the 60-year-old Tottenville 9/11 survivor is still caught between a rock and a hard place over a workers’ compensation claim that was four days late.

“Not because of my negligence,” Marie says, “it’s Blue Cross that waited five weeks to give me approval.”

Look at what Marie remembers seeing on the 10th floor:

Marie remembered what an elevator maintenance worker had told her: Stick your hands between the elevator doors. Find the gear. Pull it, and the doors will open automatically.

She stuck one hand through the doors and blindly pulled a lever.

“That’s how I got out,” Marie says.

“I saw everybody running, screaming. There was smoke all over. I ran into a guy, and he said one airplane hit the building. He said, ‘These elevators are broken and you’re a miracle.’”

Marie made her way downstairs under the direction of firefighters telling her to stay in single file and face the wall.

She stayed single file but she didn’t face the wall. On the 10th floor, Marie wishes she had.

Three lay dead — two men in suits, and a woman.

The first man,” Marie says, her voice choking with emotion, “his face was blown all over his suit. The second guy, his body was pierced with glass. The woman was burnt. There was one part of her heel left, and it was red. All I could think of was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz — I wanted to go home.”

Remember George Sleigh? He is another eyewitness to 9/11 that is still speaking about explosions. No, not in an Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth type of way; in a “we are happy to have survived this terrorist attack”, type of way. None the less, their experiences correlate more with explosions in lower levels than damage from the planes up above by 70 floors. Of course, many of the readers here are familiar with William Rodriguez.

The damage to the lobby of the WTC on 9/11 was extensive. We the People were told that “fireballs” raced down the elevator shafts on 9/11, thus blowing out the lobby windows and killing or maiming some individuals. However, upon examination, firefighters and many regular people can see that there was no fire damage from fireballs in the lobby of the WTC. Luckily, the lobby damage was recorded by the Naudet brothers. Erik Lawyer of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth addresses the lobby damage at 30 seconds in of the clip below.

Further research points to the impossibility of a fireball being able to make it to the lobby, as most elevators were divided into sections, rather than traveling 110 stories individually.


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