Arnold Arrives at the Bohemian Grove

Aug 1, 2010

Ca. Governor Arnold Shwarzenegger came to the Bohemian Grove on July 30, 2010 to deliver a mysterious “lakeside talk.”

Mysterious only because the title of the lakeside talk was “to be announced.”

Most lakeside talks are listed with the title in the schedule, but not this one.

I hope you like the video – I couldnt resist the theme music once I tried it.

3 Responses to Arnold Arrives at the Bohemian Grove

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  2. john says:

    Thanks for being there…..the governor knows full well what happened on 911, but your reminder that millions more of us know, too, might serve as a jolt—-I have a vision of Arnold making a film some time in the future, providing the ‘credible’ source so many people demand—even though the facts stare them straight in the face—but if the Guv were tell the truth–and with Oliver Stone directing—a whole lot of amazing things might happen……

  3. jett says:

    If arnold told the truth he’d be assasinated in a mysterious way so don’t count on any of these lizards to ever come clean. They’re not human but they’re not better than humans. You’ll see the light soon. Mossad /cia back by zion masons illuminati—khazarian jews—-they did it and have been doing it for a thousand years and now their time is up. Jesus will soon return and wipe them from the face of the earth forever and then there will be peace throughout the world and we won’t need oil and money.

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