NY Times Money Shot

July 29, 2010

The screenshot below comes from the NY Times article “This Land: Redwood Hideaway for Elite Goes on, But Protest Days Fade“, by Dan Barry. The print edition came out on July 28th, the article was released online on July 27th.  BLAM! Dedication pays off, and my efforts were not in vain as the article states! Look at that beautiful banner, the NY Times could have cropped out the Architects and Engineers website, but did not, so thanks to the editors.

13 Responses to NY Times Money Shot

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  2. Lawrence Baker says:

    How we ended the great American Democracy, Independence and Main Street Capitalism with Totalitarian World Bankster Globalization…

    Explain to the American victims Mr. Blinder and Mr. Zandi; how Keynesian indentured debt is wealth?

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  4. Mike Baldwin says:

    TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Brian, you are so right, they could have easily cropped out anything they wanted, AND DIDN’T! I actually believe we are getting quite a few “friends” on the inside of some MSM, and it’s only a matter of time. Your dedication to the cause warms my heart!!

  5. Art Dickinson says:

    Wow, that screenshot is amazing. Congrats on the coverage! Will you be making another trip out there? If so, I’m in Santa Rosa and I’d love to join you!

    • Brian says:

      Art –

      The Bohemian Grove ended this weekend.

      Thanks for the kind words, please assume that next year we will be there again.

      • Brian says:

        “Amazing things could happen”


        I do believe that the time of “amazing things” (that are good for us) are not over yet.

        Stay positive.

        Although I might not hold my breath for Arny.

      • Art Dickinson says:

        I will and hopefully I’ll be able to make it next time. Are there any upcoming events or actions taking place in the north bay? I’ve been meeting with the SF Truth Action crowd from time to time, but I’d love to get more involved up here.

  6. I have been looking for you for almost four years Brian. I even had a dream about you last night! Where are you? Please call me! Marie

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