“In Light of the Events of 9/11..”: Golden Gate Bridge Remaining Closed to Pedestrian Walk on 75th Anniversary

More reasons to prove that 9/11 is the biggest lie that affects our lies every day: From war and economic bottom-less pits to the loss of  our civil liberties, and to the loss of celebratory events like this one reported here. People are getting kicked off planes, strip searched, and delayed at airports all the time – we aren’t even allowed to bring liquids through security gates. Will any of this have an impact on air-security the next time NORAD or NEADS stands down for an hour and a half (like 9/11) ?  When will the rest of America realize how bad it really is?

source: Press Democrat   July 24, 2010

Those hoping to walk the Golden Gate Bridge when the span celebrates its 75th birthday in 2012 won’t get that chance.

Bridge officials have nixed the walk out of concerns for security and crowd control and will instead focus on an undetermined event in the area, possibly at Crissy Field in San Francisco with the assistance of the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy.

When the bridge turned 50 in 1987, an estimated 300,000 people poured onto the bridge when the famed roadway was shut down. The weight of humanity caused the span to lose its arch and become level.

“We looked at a walk along the lines of what occurred in 1987, but in light of the events of 9/11 and in light of all the construction projects going on, it was decided by the 75th anniversary advisory committee that we would not have a bridge walk,” said Mary Currie, bridge district spokeswoman.

Dietrich Stroeh, a board member from Marin who sits on the committee, said the threat of terrorism at an event that is hard to control was a factor in the decision.

“We didn’t have that issue in our heads in 1987,” he said. “Security is more of a factor now. The more people you have there, the more potential you have for problems. Just the access to the bridge itself is an issue. We are very cautious now of where people can go on the bridge.”

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