Did You Meet me at the Bohemian Grove Front Gate?

 Please – CLICK HERE if you did.   (July 23, 2010)

5 Responses to Did You Meet me at the Bohemian Grove Front Gate?

  1. monster says:

    you have some cool photos on the NY Times! way to be diligent. good work, hard work, especially considering your busy schedule…thanks. a friend from WI texted me that he thought it was you, pretty neat form of exposure.

  2. monster says:


    just finished this article. your name is mentioned 3 times in a two page online article. hopefully you like it & realize it’s out there? peace brother.

    • Lolo says:

      The closet you’ll get to Spanish food there might be an old pakcet of Vesta paella from circa 1984 that dug out of their weevil-infested pantry, hidden way up the back on the top shelf. (A couple years ago, an ex of mine had something scrounged from her mother’s pantry in their cupboard: a can of cayenne pepper, with an expiry of 1972!)

  3. monster says:

    the journalist actually talks about the 1967 pre president stuff, wow, cool! the article is going to be out tomorrow (7.28) in print! the posted online article says ‘it appeared in print’ july 28, get your copy soon. also, they drop your name 4 times, blowing up.

    • Brian says:

      Good News!

      I was reading it as you were posting!

      Thanks for the good word and GOOD LOOKING OUT over there in WI!

      Be good, and thanks for the love.

      A short response has been posted, but I will probably break it down a little more as I have time.

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