A Fun Event: Water S.F.

Speaking of other fun events, do you know the Bohemian Grove is meeting right now?

July 16, 2010

“Most people do not associate the word ‘fun’ with being informed and we are trying to change that. There will be free DVDs available, artwork on display that reflects the growing movement of individuals waking up to the corruption and tyranny facing humanity, and talented DJ’s playing cool music alongside many open minded, positive people assembled in one space. The night can be for anyone wanting to just chill out, learn a little something you may have not known before, speak your mind to others or network with like minded people in the hopes of creating a better world together. Going out should count for something more than just getting drunk and going home with a thinner wallet and a hangover….there is a full bar but hopefully you can leave with a little more than just a hangover this time.

21+ so please bring ID. RSVP to receive free entry promo code…otherwise its $5 at the door.”

It is from 9 pm – 2 am and the entire event will be filmed and hopefully podcasted. Thanks for your support guys!

2 Responses to A Fun Event: Water S.F.

  1. subvert the neo con agenda says:

    heard about this but it turns out that fluorescent grey & anon day are no longer playing (i don’t know if they have replacements lined up). it seems the guy who is running the show has become impossible to deal with. so sad, cause we sure as hell need more events like this that combine conscious activism with music, art & fun.

  2. Ashwini says:

    I would be pissed! For one, this ain’t your first rodeo, so they shudlon’t be treating you like an idiot. Also when a doctor fails to do simple things like what medication you are on, it makes you worry if they would mess up on other things.

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