Subscribe to Nor Cal Truth to Recieve Email Notification of Headlines

If you want to subscribe to Nor Cal Truth, I have added that possiblity to this blog.

Look under the YouTube logo on the right side of this blog, under all the links and pictures, to find our subscription toggle.

The benefits of a subscription are an email notification of the headlines we post for the day or week depending on your preferance. There is also a per-post notification, but I would think that that could become a nuisance and overload of emails. The daily notification is the choice for me with blogs I follow.

Anyhow you may subscribe by clicking on the “Sign me Up”  button on the bottom right of this blog, right under the YouTube logo.

So you know- this blog averages somewhere between 120-160 views a day. I would like to thank any of you who are watching for keeping me motivated,  I hope I am contributing to our large community of truth seekers and concerned peoples.

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