Group Aiming for Civilian Trials in New York for Alleged 9/11 Conspirators

by Nor Cal Truth  June 9, 2010

A group is calling for signers to its petition that would have the 9/11 Conspirators trial held in New York. This is from their website:

More than 2,600 people were murdered in New York City on 9/11. The five men accused of planning the 9/11 attacks have been in US custody for several years but have still not been brought to justice. Why? Because the Bush administration held the men for years in secret prisons, and then insisted on trying the men in an untested military commission.

Now the Obama administration is considering holding the trial in a commission, too . These military commissions are not only lacking in fundamental due process guarantees, they are extremely inefficient. Since 9/11, military commissions have tried only three terrorism suspects. US federal courts, by contrast, have successfully completed more than 400 terrorism cases in that time.

Tell President Obama and Senators Gillibrand and Schumer that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four alleged co-conspirators should be put on trial in the state of New York now so New Yorkers can finally obtain justice for the 9/11 attacks.

This is from the petition:

By giving the 9/11 defendants a fair trial in federal court, for all the world to see, we affirm our faith in our judicial system and our democratic values.

The group appears to be a project of Human Rights Watch (H.R.W.).

Looking deeper into H.R.W., I found an interesting video featuring Joanne Mariner, terrorism and counter-terrorism program director for H.R.W.

So needless to say, I felt inclined to post this information up on Nor Cal.

Maybe the nano-thermite evidence will have a chance at finding its way into the trial in New York, which would be utterly impossible if held by a Military Trial.

Sign the petition here.

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