Once Thought to be Al Qaeda “Top Leader”, Abu Zubaydah, is Not Even a Member; Another Court Case Falling Apart

There are apparently no current photos for Abu Zubaydah, who we had been told was a top leader of Al Qaeda.

by Nor Cal Truth     June 2, 2010

The official story is changing slowly, towards the truth. I hope people are still listening. Here is a story from the National Post in Canada

The federal government case against Mohamed Harkat appeared to suffer a significant blow yesterday when a document was introduced in court showing that Abu Zubaydah, once considered a 9/11 mastermind, had nothing to do with the attacks.

The document, which quotes U. S court filings declassified last week, shows that Zubaydah, once believed to be one of the top leaders in al-Qaeda, was not even a member of the terrorist group.

It would be nice to track down the declassified court documents, I’ll try to work on that. If someone out there has it, please let me know. The story continues:

If Zubaydah has no ties to al-Qaeda, as now appears to be the case, a large chunk of the case against Mr. Harkat is under question.

The government alleges that Mr. Harkat, a pizza delivery man in Ottawa, came to Canada in 1995 from Pakistan as an al-Qaeda sleeper agent.

Harkat spent 3 years in jail none-the-less, you can read about that at: “Harkat says his detention was like a nightmare”.

If you are interested in learning more about Mr. Harkat, including trial updates, visit the website entitled, “Justice for Mohamed Harkat”.

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