NORAD, Northcom Dedicate 9/11 Memorial

NORAD is directly responsible for letting those planes hit their targets on 9/11. If you dont know about the “stand down” orders, visit the following resources here and here. Just look at the search resuts for “NORAD, 9/11, Failures.”

by Air Force Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Doscher    source: DOD      May 29, 2010

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo., May 19, 2010 – North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command dedicated a new Sept. 11 memorial during a ceremony here yesterday.

The memorial, featuring a steel beam recovered from the World Trade Center donated by the National Homeland Defense Foundation, stands near the entrance of the NORAD and Northcom headquarters building.

Don Addy, president and CEO of the National Homeland Defense Foundation, said people who view the memorial should remember not only the fallen, but also how the nation came together in the attack’s aftermath.

“Remember the stories of strangers coming together in far-off places like Nova Scotia and Dodge City, Kan.,” he said. “Remember the windows full of candles over thousands and thousands of homes across America. These are the memories of who we are, and who we are as a people and a nation. We must remember those things as well.”

The memorial’s steel beam pays respect to the lives lost in New York and points in the city’s direction. Its five-sided planter honors those who died at the Pentagon, and the soil in the planter comes from Pennsylvania to pay respect to the people who died in Shanksville, Pa., when passengers overpowered the Flight 93 hijackers.

The memorial honors not only those who died on 9/11, Renuart said, but also deployed servicemembers who have died since then.

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