U.S. Pays Off Afghan Poppy Farmers

May 23, 2010

An ABC report is describing a “new approach” to the poppy production in Afghanistan.


If WE SECURE them getting a good harvest, now they’re going to get paid for their hard work. Then we can deal with trafficking afterwords” – U.S. Soldier in new ABC report.

Securing a good harvest and making sure these poppy farmers get paid is why troops are in these fields? What exactly is going on there?

Notice the drop in production in 2001? That was when the Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

This is more than a “new” U.S. approach to poppy farming – this is a NATO policy as well. Nato spokesman James Appathurai said this to journalists in early 2010:

“We cannot be in a situation where we remove the only source of income for people who live in the second poorest country in the world without being able to provide them an alternative. That is simply not possible.”

The point of not disrupting their livelihood sounds good; but isn’t that a paradox as we occupy their country and try to install a way of living that has never existed there, i.e. democracy? The best way to not disrupt the livelihood would be to terminate the almost 9 year old occupation. The paradox is apparent in stories like this too.

Is it time these troops come home yet America?


2 Responses to U.S. Pays Off Afghan Poppy Farmers

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  2. Alina says:

    Awe Momma’s! I am sorry, but your attitude coludn’t be any better I think! I am so excited everything is falling into place and can’t wait until your dreams are realized for you both! Hugs to both of you!

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