Controlled Demolition Expert, Tom Sullivan, Discusses Controlled Demolitions on 9/11.

In an attempt to retouch the sound quality of my original video from the May 8th event with Richard Gage and Erik Lawyer, I have decided to issue just Tom Sullivan’s interview for now because the sound is much better. I hope this works for you all out there with not-the-best laptop speakers.

Tom Sullivan used to work for Controlled Demolitions Inc. On 9/11 and everyday since, his experience with CDI tells him that controlled demolitions were used on 9/11 to demolish World Trade Center #1, #2 and 7.

Mr. Sullivan recently found Richard Gage, AIA, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth and backs them because they are working with the science of 9/11.

More and more professionals are coming out publically to expose the lies of 9/11, specifically that fire destroyed 3 skyscrapers to dust in New york.

Keep up all the good work everyone; that goes to those of us on the street speaking truth to power, or those on the stage presenting the latest research.


6 Responses to Controlled Demolition Expert, Tom Sullivan, Discusses Controlled Demolitions on 9/11.

  1. crowbar says:

    Haven’t you nerds got the word: 19 Muslims did it.

    Just because none of their names were on any of the four plane’s flight lists, and just because many expert pilots testimonies consider it ridiculous to imagine that they could have maneuvered three of the four in the manner that was done.
    And just because the World has seen the diagonal slices of the column stumps that were unable to be hauled off before they were photographed, or just because the pulverized concrete, computers, desks, and human bodies included particle of thermite and other chemicals of destruction must be insignificant, sense the U.S.Government and its investigators state that “that’s the way it happened”.

    Is that assertion FACT, or just another conspiracy theory?

  2. David Kyte says:

    He was in fact just a staff photographer right? Not exactly a controlled demolition “expert” Maybe you should mention this very minor association he has with Controlled Demolition.

    • norcaltruth says:

      Maybe you did not see Tom Sullivans powder carrying permits.

      Please investigate further.

      Maybe you should check again.

    • Irma says:

      to tell volumes about a peorsn, reflects the importance of Jerusalem to Jews as a people and, arguably, the lower priority the city holds for Muslims: • When Jews pray they face Jerusalem; in Jerusalem Israelis pray facing the Temple Mount.• When Muslims pray, they face Mecca; in Jerusalem Muslims pray with their backs to the city. That was some laughable material for your colonial occupation. But I would consider taking your factoids about Jerusalem and selling it to the American Government and it’s congressional Sodomites. All you need to do is grease them some campaign cash and you’ve got yourself a stooge for hire.

  3. Khushi says:

    The Israeli govt is not stupid. They know the end is near and sooenr rather then later they will be forced to make a deal with the Palestinians. Consequently, they began accelerating home demolitions and evictions to create as much facts on the ground to ensure they retain the lands already settled in any future deal. Which of course will render the deal overwhelmingly in Israel’s favor

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