Economic Views

May 11, 2010

courtesy of: Dprogram

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  1. SEC vs. Goldman-Audit the Federal Reserve.
    What connection do the SEC and Goldman have with the Federal Reserve and the open ended, secret and unaccounted for disbursements of taxpayer money in the “rolling bail-out of 700 billion to be given out at any one time”? So far, these banking bail-out secret accounts have indebted American citizens an estimated 8.5 Trillion that we know of, in National debt. This is not acceptable in American Democracy and is Totalitarian. The Federal Reserve claims to independence; has really been operating as an extra-legal off balance sheet entity of the Treasury.
    American taxpayers and our economy are saddled with the 55 Trillion in National debt and as American Citizens we have the right to know where the money was spent under their slick expert banking management.
    The American People and Main Street Capitalism were not bailed-out; we in the economy would have noticed that. The crooked world bankers bailed-out the crooked world bankers and left us with the National debt and the Federal Reserve refuses to even tell us how much that debt is or who received the money. There is damning evidence that the financial crisis was created and manipulated by the slick Trilateral bankers in their quest for the New World Order by bankrupting us into submission. In fact, on April 27 while addressing the elite Council on Foreign Relations, the President of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet called for the imposition of global governance to be bossed by the G20 and the corrupt Bank of International Settlements in the name of safeguarding the global economy.
    Call your Congress Senator today and demand that the Federal Reserve be fully audited in the bill before the Senate today.
    No more secret shadow government of slick Trilateral bankers; to hell with Wall Street and their cyberspace wealth. If the elite superficial derivatives trading on Wall Street collapsed tomorrow it would have very little adverse effect on the American People and Main Street Capitalism; as victims, we have already been run over. The departure of derivatives from Wall Street will be our salvation, indeed the Worlds salvation, and the surviving New Wall Street will be back to it’s core values in stock exchange. By taking back the slick world banker’s criminal gains we will not only bail-out the United States of America but also the European countries that they tried to enslave. No more National debts (about $180,282 per American citizen-usdebtclock) and we all will be free from the world slick banking criminals. Who needs them and their sub-culture of Greed and Mean to enslave us?
    Being self sufficient and solvent does not mean that you are an isolationist and weak; it means that you are intelligent, independent and strong. Any local honest banker will tell you that; he will give you a AAA credit rating. That basic principle also applies to our overall economy. The slick criminal elite Totalitarian financial world bankers do not produce anything yet they want to control our government, producers, workers and our Natural Resources by debt.
    Main Street Capitalism, Competitive Market, and Free Enterprise are America’s tried and true standard. Our economy and government can recover from this treachery if we act now by getting back to our roots of industry, manufacturing, science and technology instead of being smothered by the Multinational Banking Corporate Empire, by proxy, by our government.
    Treason is the appropriate criminal charge for those who have conspired to overthrow our American Independence, Democracy and to enslave each citizen with $181,000 debt; big money lawyers will be SOL, and Justice will be served. A lesson will be given and the slate will be clean to move into an enlightened 21st. Century of Democracy, Free Press, Main Street Capitalism, Science, Green Energy and Humanitarianism. If there is to be a New World Order it has to be Humanitarian and Democratic to work-not Totalitarian.

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