Kite – Hit – Steel – Plane – Must

May 5, 2010

What a group of words huh? What do you make of them?

Well if you don’t remember this is the group of words that 2nd graders were reading to George Bush as the planes hit the two towers on 9/11.

Four of the words are easily identifiable with 9/11.

Kite:  A tethered aircraft controlled by human directly or indirectly. This could tie in with the planes being remotely controlled that day. (this is not arguing that this is what did or did not happen)

Hit:  Yes, there was a hit, whether by a plane, a kite (by above definition), mentally, or physically – we were hit.

Steel:  The Buildings were made of steel columns that were strong as an ox, later to be found in a molten state. The steel is also where lots of incendiaries, or explosives, would have had to have been placed to bring down those buildings.

Plane: O.K. , I will let this speak for itself.

Must: (I’ll be honest, this took some research. What I found does indeed open lots of doors for conversation: But much of it might be speculatory.)

Must is derived from old latin, Vinum Mustum, meaning young wine. Essentially it is a fruit juice, the early components of a wine. Furthermore:

In Roman Catholic liturgy, must may be substituted for sacramental wine….

Sacramental wine is wine used in celebration of the Eucharist. What is the Eucharist? I thought you would never ask:

Among other names, Eucharist is a Christian sacrament or ordinance, generally considered to be a re-enactment of the Last Supper, the final meal that Jesus Christ shared with his disciples before his arrest and eventual crucifixion.

What do you think? To me this is not an argument for bringing people into 9/11 truth, but it is interesting.

I doubt the conspirators of 9/11 inside our infrastructure held sway over what lesson the teacher had planned.

I also doubt that the teachr or students were “in on it”, which leaves this to be a case of wild coincidence…I am left to assume that at least because of lack of evidence to the contrary.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    satanic ritual

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