Action Alert: Amy Goodman Tour of Northern California.


April 27, 2010

This is an article for anyone who holds hope and faith that with persistance and dedication, along with respect and courteousness, we, the “9/11 Truth” movement, have a chance at building a relationship with Amy Goodman.

Amy will be traveling to Stanford April 29th and then Davis April 30th followed by a visit in  San Francisco on May 1st. Most of her events are free of charge, however Davis is a $10 entrance fee. It is my hope that anyone who is involved locally will involve themselves with this mission. What is the mission?

Alert Amy Goodman to the May 7th and May 8th events that are taking place with the Firefighters, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The details of the event are posted here if you don’t know.

Do not ask her if she supports a new investigation, this is not the mission for us now. The mission is to have Democracy Now or Amy, or a representative to come to the May 7th or 8th events to listen and learn. She will support us by showing up. By approaching her personally and respectfully we will be building a relationship with her, as well as showing her that we care enough to show up and ask for her involvement. Try to forget any frustrations with her you may carry for now.

Please be polite with her or any of her staff.

  • Hand deliver the poster to Amy if possible.
  • Ask her to please show up, or cover the event.
  • Ask her to announce the event on Democracy Now!
  • Remind her that we would, “love to have your support Ms. Goodman.”
  • Insist that she does receive a copy of what you give to her staff if you don’t get to her personally.

Downlaod a Poster: 

Her tour will continue to New York on May 2nd for anyone over in that area.

Amy Goodmans Tour Schedule:

Amy has already received early info on this event as witnessed in the end of this recent S.F. Truth at the Green Festival video.

One Response to Action Alert: Amy Goodman Tour of Northern California.

  1. john says:

    You will maximize the chances of a successful alliance with Democracy by approaching Juan Gonzales, His career indicates a receptiveness to the truth.

    Not to suggest that Amy Goodman is not receptive to the truth. There is, however, the unfortunate relationship between striving for acceptability and growth within the status quo and a certain reluctance to speak to such unspeakable horror.

    Imagine the repercussions were Bill Clinton to announce his belief that bombs were planted in all three buildings, and also in the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. The fact is, he knows the truth, but will not speak it publicly. And this is an issue confronted by hundreds of involved citizens.

    Best of luck to us all

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